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Cash Gifting Is It A Business Or What?

May 27, 2008
Does Cash Gifting sound like the perfect home business for you to start? Cash Gifting is NOT a business.

Cash Gifting is a private activity which is growing in popularity both on the Internet and offline, Cash gifting involves giving a sum of cash once to a like-minded person, then finding other like-minded individuals in order to qualify yourself for receiving cash.

I repeat myself, because this is greatest stumbling block facing those who want to understand cash gifting: Cash gifting is not a home business. Cash gifting is not a business period. Failing to grasp that will prevent you from understanding how cash gifting works-- and determining whether or not you want to participate in this potentially lucrative activity.

With cash gifting:

1. There is no product sold.
2. There is no service rendered.
3. There is no investment made.

How so? Well, as I repeat yet again: cash gifting is not a business. There is no company. It is a private (by invitation only) * activity * between like-minded people.

For all human endeavors, there is a smart and a not-so-smart way of performing the task at hand. You could, for instance, walk up to a perfect stranger on the street and offer him/her a sum of cash with no strings attached, then walk away from that person forever.

Then again, you could give cash to someone through an organized process which allows you to qualify for receiving cash as well. Cash gifting programs, as promoted throughout the Internet and through direct-mail advertising, in general subscribe to this model.

Although there are variations, popular cash gifting programs place you on the receiving end of cash gifting by using a cash distribution method called 1-Up. With 1-Up, you give your first enrolleee to the person directly above you-- the person who enrolled you in the cash gifting activity. That qualifies you to start receiving cash.

So it is that the 2nd person that you enroll belongs to you and all others that you enroll (to infinity) also belong to you. Each and every person that you enroll starts for you a receiving line. And each and every such enrollee participates in the 1-up process as well in order to qualify for receiving cash.

That means each of your personal enrollees gives you his/her first enrollee to benefit from. And each of those enrollees given to you does the same. And each of the enrollees newly given to you does the same. And so on it goes for each receiving line until one of the newly-given fails fails to enroll at least one new participant. If an direct or newly-given enrollee fails, that particular receiving line dies.

To keep a receiving line alive and well, participants in cash gifting programs engage in aggressive mentoring. That is, enrollees (also called inviter's) go out of their way to teach their newly-given enrollees everything they know.

Cash gifting is not for everyone. The most common participation levels are $500, $1500 and $3500. Certainly, at the outset, a leap of faith is required.

Is cash gifting right for you? Be advised that legitimate cash gifting programs do NOT solicit, do NOT hype, do NOT pressure or use tactics to enroll you and certainly do NOT misrepresent themselves as a business or a service or an investment. Stay away from any cash gifting program or mentor that breaks these rules and you may just surprise yourself with the results.
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Interested in Cash Gifting ? Joseph Love is an expert cash gifting mentor specializing in one-on-one phone mentoring.
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