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How To Increase Website Traffic

May 27, 2008
Working on the Internet to try to build part-time income is often a repetitive example of follow-the-crazy leader. Here's how it runs most of the time. You undergo a never ending email bomb comprised thousands of emails every 5 to 10 days, each of which arrives with an unusual deal for you to get rich by following the never before revealed ebook.

Once an offer is made, your ability to turn off your impulse controls fades and you answer with a super-fast debit card transaction and get an reliable and prompt download of your get rich quick package.

Only at the point where doubt enters your head do you take in the fact the other 1200 emails you encountered this week contained the same offer. Unluckily, at this point you realize you already bought 5 similar money making secrets.... all of which are clogging your hard drive.

As you continue to let this realization move deeper into your business judgment center you recognize you hate this program because it sucks. You also remember you've been emailing 1000s of promos for this same deal. In fact you earned your first $10 check from this deal last month. Interestingly, the royalty payment won't nearly cover what you dropped when you bought the deal from a top selling author.

Does this sound like your story? This true story happened to your's truly. It's happening right now to thousands of your fellow Internet marketing competitors.

Mark this next sentence down on your note pad: "No one in any business gets rich from marketing other peoples products, especially at the pace at which you are currently marketing. Few Internet millionaires made their fortune until they learned to make their own products and promote them in the marketplace."

According to US government stats, less than 6% of all online businesses earn as much as five hundred dollars a month. We are writing this article to prove that you can do better than that within the next 90 days...without spending a dime.

If you're expecting a sales pitch from you'll be happily disappointed. When you're ready to start earning what you should be making for the amount of time you're investing in your Internet business, you'll be pleased you found this article.

Easy to apply steps to initiating your own business.The quickest way to find wealth from your business building efforts is through well written business or marketing articles. You don't have to be a writer, in fact, it's better if you don't have any experience.

We'll start by using a free and simple step-by-step website template that allows you unlimited access to an "online university" to tutor you in the process (the process is robust enough to let you taste a little income before school starts). This website's start-up process will help you sample the traffic building potential faster.

The name of this robust and supportive website building community is Squidoo. Their activity centered forum and intuitive support and tutorials make this a very easy to handle project.

When you're ready to start you'll be amazed at how easy it is to find what you need from start to finish. You can post your own links and banners and promote affiliate products of your choice.

Starting off: Begin by deciding on the niche or subject of your Squidoo Lens. We haven't really determined why they're called lenses but it seems to work. You might as well jump in now so put on your thinking cap and come up with a subject for your webpage.

Simple and easy to understand works best. For example, like to sew? Start with something related to sewing. Do you prefer to knit sweaters or blankets? These too are areas that will attract loads of visitors.

Moving right along: Google your topic and spend a few of the 30 minutes you budgeted for research to learn what others have to say about your subject. Make your notes and let your mind wander over the possibilities. If you take more than 15 minutes for this you're working too hard.

Third: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words." For this stage of your project you'll definitely want to just let yourself go creatively as you begin choosing graphics.

"Google" pictures that complement the topic you chose. Flickr is also a great source for shared pictures so you won't have to worry about paying for the right to use the pictures. Check the FAQs to make sure you abide by the TOS.

Your best choices will be those with lots of color and action. Pick out at least twice as many as you plan to use to complement the few sentences you'll post.

You'll be glad you invested 20 or so minutes in this part of the process, especially when you see the traffic that starts to hit your webpage.

Finally, you will be missing out big-time if you don't add affiliate links. If you have not done so already go to Clickbank to open an affiliate account. There is no charge and you'll find lots of choices for products or services that match your topic. Clickbank provides an easy to follow user's guide and there are forums and a great list of FAQs to answer your questions.

Clickbank is just one income source that provides you with money making links to add to your webpage. Another is PayDot and you can also join Consumer's Junction.

Handle your search of affiliate programs as one of the items on your to-do list during the time you set aside for research.

When all is said and done you'll be very happy with your Squidoo Lens. If not there's always the option of having the lens designed and built by a custom lens design service. Their work is good and they know all the tricks of the trade, plus their prices are lower than mainstream website designers.
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When you're ready for more details about Squidoo lens building check check out these search engine optimization tips.

Learning the secrets of building websites is easy when you know where to look. Visit this fact filled new blog for easy to copy ideas:http://www.squidoo.com/lenscraftingguru
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