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How To Profit From Trafficswarm And Other Traffic Exchange Directories

May 27, 2008
I bet you've probably heard about TrafficSwarm. This automated "traffic-exchange" directory can send 1000's of targeted prospects to your website, every single day, and all this for free.

Contrary to what many people think, traffic systems like TrafficSwarm CAN make you lots of money. The trick is to setup an attention grabbing page, that provides something that people who use these traffic exchangers really want.

I've been using TS to pile up all kinds of leads and profit across various niche markets. It's not hard to do and it's 100% automated once you get set up. The only tools you need are some basic web design skills (this can always be outsourced) and a follow-up autoresponder account.

To effectively use TS you have to do what 90% of TS users don't do... and that's to generate leads and build a list. Sending traffic to affiliate links or blindly to a sales page is not a profitable business model.

You should always think of TS as a "lead generating tool" and nothing more. Never expect "blind" sales from TS. Showing TS users your latest product will not bring you any profits. No matter how great the sales copy may be. No matter how flashy your sales page looks, or how many bonus offers you include...

TS users will NOT buy your stuff.

And here's why...

Most TS users don't know you. They have no clue know who's behind the sales page that they see, and with all the online scams these days, it's hard to convince people who've never heard about you that you're for real...

TS users are tired of seeing all the new offers over and over again while they earn surf credits. They use the TrafficSwarm system to earn traffic to their OWN sites. They agree to give your site a short look, but inside their head they think... "Hurry up, close this damn page, I need surfing points..."

It's a very selfish behavior, if you think of it. But don't let that discourage you because TrafficSwarm can be VERY profitable for your business.

To turn TrafficSwarm into a profitable lead generator, you need to treat it like a direct mail campaign. You should setup a simple squeeze page that is targeted to your niche category. A squeeze -or lead capture- page is basically a simple, quick loading site with an attention grabbing headline that forces you to hand over information in exchange for something you want.

You can offer a free guide, special report, trial offer or something else of value to the TS visitor that is ONLY available by email, in return for their email address.

Many people that use Traffic Swarm are trying to promote their own websites, so you have to be able to catch their attention before the countdown ends and they are off to get another credit. If your site can help other TS users promote their sites -or learn now to get more traffic- you will do well.

Your best bet is to create an attractive squeeze page and a good incentive for the user to give you the email address. Make sure your entire offer is placed "above the fold" (so they do not have to scroll down the page to see your complete offer.)

The link should be sent to them via email instead, so you are guaranteed to get double opt in subscribers. (The people who are too lazy to confirm are not going to do you any good anyway.)

Setup your follow-up responder to send the gift out immediately and then follow-up over time with related information.

Once you build a list, you can gradually "refer" your readers to your own products, services, affiliate programs or whatever you are trying to promote.

Ask your subscribers what they are interested in, what their biggest questions are. You'll have all the input you need to continue carefully crafting your follow-up messages to give your subscribers exactly what they want.

Believe me... the money will come soon. Remember... just forget the "cold sale"... Focus on building a steady list that you can build a relationship with. You'll discover that your "long term" profits will shoot through the roof.
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