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Use SEO Blogging Techniques To Boost Your Website's Ranking

May 27, 2008
It's catch 22 - you have to be listed high in the search engine results to get more web traffic and to get listed high in the results, you have to attract lots of web traffic. Regrettably, rich content is no longer the only valuable resource sought by web visitors.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the reason why a website gets a good ranking on web searches. Making a website SEO-based can be anything from legal to borderline illegitimate, depending on what techniques you use.

Some of these optimisation methods include writing keyword-rich web content, articl submission and link exchanging. These were the most practiced SEO techniques until some wise soul came up with the idea that blogging can be a valuable SEO tool. It has become a phenomena since then.

A blog, short for weblog, can be created for any purpose, whether personal or business. An enjoyable and worthy effort, a blog can bring you lots of traffic and gives you the freedom to discuss whatever you like. You can have your blog inside your website or completely separated from it.

The content you post on your blog is your choice and you can include as many links as you prefer in each of your posts. If the blog is internally available in your site, you can post links to increase your site's search engine ranking. Comparatively, if it's located externally, posting links is a valuable way to get one way links to your website.

Link exchanging is an acceptable way to boost your site's position in the search engines, but one-way links are even better. Blogging builds up web traffic via two methods - one is through increasing your website visitors by enticing them to follow a link to it and the other is by getting in more visits, it increases your search engine ranking.

The content is another key. If your blog is within your site, this is an excellent way of making sure that you have keyword rich content. Of course, since blogs are much more informal and reads more like a chat than articles, incorporating key words can be a daunting task, but once you manage it, your ranking will definitely improve.

Another great thing about blogs is that people can tell you exactly what you are doing right, or wrong. If you listen, you will pick up ways of making your site better and more useful. You can also interact with potential customers and build contacts, an essential part of any business.
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