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Stay-At-Home Moms In Charge Of Their Future

May 27, 2008
Thinking outside the box is what stay-at-home moms must start doing. And mothers who have a greater disadvantage are the low income moms. At least, mothers in the middle income bracket start with something.

Is usually not the mothers fault if she has to apply for government assistance. It's very depressing for mom to struggle from day to day to improving her circumstances.

Many low income moms have come from dysfunctional and abusive family situations. These circumstances have led to unplanned pregnancies.

We must understand that out of every 3rd pregnancy 1 is unwanted or unplanned. And the more dysfunctional the family the greater the problems are.

All of a sudden this mother to be is under severe pressure to provide for her new child. So what is mom to do? Having very little education and limited resources. Mom has little or no help.

Mothers are working more and more hours to meet the rising child care costs. Struggling to become debt-free, and drive decent transportation. Yet mom's small income is not enough. Her children are effected by her stressful situation.

Depressed and emotionally drained most mothers can't give quality attention to their children. This can greatly affect the behavior of her child. Lack of confidence and the desire to excel in school can be the result.

Her children greatly want and need her attention and affection. Because of moms excessive work schedule depriving her children of her quality time and attention. The result is negative behavior from her children.

And when mom tries, with all her might, to focus her remaining energy on her child, she is wore out by nightfall.

This can cause poor eating habits which lead to poor health for mom and her child. The worst part is that moms who work a regular job earn 15 to 20% less then a woman without a child.

And even worse, the mother whose income is above the earned income level, receives NO assistance. Meaning taxes for the middle income mother can take a big portion of her earnings.

The middle income mom has to work even harder with no assistance or support. This is very stressful for mom and her health. Does mom receive any enjoyment?

After working all day, sore feet, taking abuse from her boss all day. Listening to gossip from coworkers, then dealing with rush hour traffic.

Mom being exhausted when she gets to daycare to pick up her energetic child; wanting her undivided attention. Yet mom exhausted, trying to hide her stressful workday receives phone calls from family and friends needing assistance.

The physical mind and body cannot handle stress on a continual basis. Something must give or mom must change the way she provides for her family. The answer is working from home with a affiliate marketing business. There is no cost to start.

You can run your affiliate home business from the public Library. The tax savings are great. There are Internet books, and companies that will walk you through the entire affiliate marketing process.

Do a google or yahoo search for affiliate marketing. Make a sacrifice and do some research on the products you'd like to sale.

Work with someone you feel comfortable with. Someone who understands and has been doing affiliate marketing. Ask questions, do some research on your lunch break.

Do it for your child, do it for yourself. The time, effort and knowledge you receive, will truly outweigh the stress and suffering of working for, a unsatisfied boss. Take action and do it for your future.

The freedom and peace of mind experienced by working from home, can never be truly explained. If you were to smell oven baked brownies, could you explain the taste? You will never know the joy of working from home until you taste it.
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