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Creating an Advantage in Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

May 27, 2008
Relationships are important in life in general and in business in particular. They're especially important in affiliate marketing where you depend on other people's products to earn income from your web venture. Profitable selling relationships are ones in which the parties provide benefit to one another.

Today, affiliate marketing is huge. It's a growing part of many firms' business strategies. Because of this, affiliate managers exist to promote these ends. It's incumbent upon you as an affiliate marketer to take advantage of what these managers offer you.

When you, as an internet marketer, establish a working relationship with an affiliate manager, you tap into their storehouse of resources. Working with them gives you the support you need to help you sell more. Working with a good affiliate manager gives you the confidence you need to promote their products. Their job is to help you, so you can help their company and them as well. Affiliate managers enjoy bonuses, too!

Many affiliate marketers list products and banners on their web pages and then leave it at that. They take no interest in working with affiliate managers (or product owners). They feel the products will sell themselves because they're "on the net". They feel they do not need to spend time working with anyone else to ensure they do sell.

They're dead wrong. Many of them have traffic, and sales figures to prove it, although they probably wouldn't let you see them out of embarrassment. That's why connecting with you affiliate manager is vital.

What exactly will this relationship provide you and them? They can provide you with up-to-date news on their products; any innovations, improvements and new features. They can provide you with new internet marketing techniques as applies to their product line. They can provide you with incentives to boost sales. They can give you updated "keyword lists" for your website and ad copy. They can also offer knowledge about the way to design your landing pages. They may suggest promotions and up-selling techniques. They can even offer advice on how to structure and write your ad copy to best fit their products.

In turn, you provide the affiliate manager with information on their product; information unique to your business. This would include customer compliments and complaints that end up in your mailbox. It would also include your own feedback to them on your experiences with their products. Of course, the more you sell the more income streams you provide the manager and his company.

The more you sell the better your relationship will be with an affiliate manager. They will see you as an enterprising person who's making the effort necessary for both of you to succeed. If you're a polite, respectful, easy-to-work with type, you will command their attention and they will direct extra effort your way. Someone crass and uncooperative will not catch ears as much as you will. In the end, it all adds up to monetary gain for you and the affiliate manager.

All of the above applies to dealing directly with product owners, too. I know an internet marketer in my city that began to develop an affiliate relationship with a hat manufacturer. He promoted this man's fancy fedoras on his hat website. This product owner was available personally to give advice and tools to the affiliate to drive sales. The affiliate's goal was to earn income from referrals; the hat manufacturer's goal was to gain new customers. Their goal was to feed off each other to greater profits. The moral of the story is: get to know and deal with your product owner just as you would your affiliate manager.

Connecting to your affiliate program manager or product owner will establish you as a dependable marketer. You will have confidence in the company you're dealing with and in their products. You both work to increase each other's income. You may even run into each other on the way to the bank.
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