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Bad Credit Business Loans Vs Bank Loans

May 27, 2008
All businesses will, at one point, need financial help in some way or another. Small business loans are a great way to maintain your business in a healthy financial position, but acquiring one can be a very complicated task, since the requirements for it are very extensive. Some of its most basic requirements are: Having a perfect credit score and having personal assets to use as collateral, that alone already makes it a hard to secure financial resource.

So, what's left for the business owners with a poor credit history? The answer for that question is: look to an unsecured business cash advance. These types of cash advances are a great alternative to the traditional small business loans, some of the features that easily stand out are the fact that these types of advances don't require any personal collateral as guarantee nor it requires that the merchant holds a perfect credit score and history. Of course there are some requirements, and the most basic ones are:

1) The merchant has to process credit cards as a form of payment and it has to have a monthly processing volume of at least $2500.

2) The merchant cannot have an open bankruptcy.

3) The merchant can't have any tax lien (unless under a payments plan)

4) The merchant has to have at least 1 year remaining in its business location lease.

5) It has access to at least the past 4 months of credit card statements.

6) The business is 1 year old at least.

If compared with a small business loan, the application and funding process is very simple and fast. Merchants can apply online or over the phone. The application is a simple 2 pages form, and the documentation needed is very small. The approval process usually takes place in as fast as 24 hours, and after the merchant has been approved, the lender wires the funds in as little as 7 days.

In contrary to a business cash advance, being funded by a bank is a very complicated funding method. You, the merchant will need to provide the lender with all the pertinent documents showing that you can qualify for their loans, some of the requirements for secured loans are:

1) The merchant has to have a perfect credit score and history. Often times a FICO score of 750 or more is required.

2) The merchant needs to provide the lender with personal assets to be used as collateral.

Besides having those requirements, the approval process for a bank loan can take up to 2 months and the actual funding can take up to 4 to 6 months.

Cash advances don't have fixed monthly payments, nor they have interest rates, instead the lender will charge a onetime fee, that will be repaid on an open term of 6 to 9 months as a small daily percentage from credit card transactions, a cash advance goes with the flow of your business, as you only payback when you sell in credit card transactions, you will never pay a late payment fee.
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