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New VoIP Technology: Available To Customers Anywhere In The World

May 27, 2008
The world of communications is opening up to consumers around the globe and the reason for that is Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP.

Using VoIP phone service is simple and in many cases more convenient for customers than using a traditional land line to land line connection. In fact, most consumers are delighted to find out that no land line is needed for making VoIP calls. All that is needed is an Internet connection. In remote locations where phone service is either non-existent or unreliable; Internet connections via satellite have opened up a whole new world of voice communications.

In the past few years, VoIP providers have grown in numbers offering more competitive services and rates to consumers. In some cases VoIP to VoIP calls are free to customers the world over and this is especially true in places that have currently low traffic on their VoIP lines and in other cases, there may be a small charge incurred by the VoIP user for calling a land line or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

There are two main types of land line to VoIP services. The first is by direct dialing where the land line user calls a number the connects directly to the VoIP user. The other type is using an access number where a local number is dialed and an extension number that has been assigned to the VoIP user is dialed, thereby connecting the call.

VoIP has opened up communications and the ability for smaller countries to compete in the global market by having access to both contacting clients and customers all over the world via VoIP services. This levels the playing field and allows companies to offer direct one-on-one customer service to anyone that needs to speak to a representative about a product or service or someone that needs help with a purchase they have made, even if that customer is half a world away. The zero to low VoIP rates on most calls make this a very economical form of business communication as well as for personal use for families that are scattered around the globe to keep in touch.

Mobile phones are also being seamlessly integrated into VoIP communications. Phones with WiFi are VoIP capable and this allows cell phone uses to also take advantage of the affordable VoIP rates for calling around the world, however pay close attention to your own cell phone. company's charges for Internet access when using WiFi. This is often a very economical way for International travelers to keep in touch with their company or family when on the road.

Fees for VoIP can vary from country to country. Many VoIP services are offering flat rates for in-country dialing and some countries offer free VoIP to VoIP calling no matter where the calls are made. It's worth it to look around and see what is available so you get the best VoIP service rate.

The demand for VoIP is continuing to grow and as the technology develops, more and more consumers around the world will continue to benefit from this state of the art form of communication that makes it easier than ever for both businesses and individuals to just stay in touch. BEST VoIP SERVICE: http://www.acolemanvoip.i-fortuity.com
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