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Choosing The Perfect Niche

May 27, 2008
Choosing the perfect niche can be a real challenge for every Webmaster. If you choose a perfect niche you can take lots of advantages from it. And one of the main results you can achieve is a higher profit. There are many ways to monetize your niche website. But before maximizing your profits, you have to know how to choose the perfect niche.

Let's start with the beginning. Let's define niche websites. What are these? Niche websites are websites made on specific topics. These topics can be related to any subject. It doesn't matter. There are many topics available on the Internet. How to find the proper topic? Start thinking about the things you like, the things you really enjoy. It is a good point to start from. Think about your favorite hobbies, for example. Are "games" one of your favorite hobbies? Let's start with this topic then.

If you choose the "games" topic for your website, I'm sure that many people will be interested in it. It is a great topic, and it is very popular these days. But stop and think for a moment: aren't too many websites related to games over the Internet? Do a search with your favorite search engine and see the results. You will find million of Web pages related to games. What can you do? You need a niche topic. The topic "games" is too general. This is not a niche topic. A niche means fewer results when searching the Internet. And "games" has lots of results. Here is a tip then. Try to think about "winter games" for example. Do a search with the search engine again and the see the results. I'm sure now you will find fewer results. This seems to be a good topic. At least it is better then the first one. But is it enough? Why don't you go deeper into the problem? Choose "winter games for children" for example. Do a search again. It seems that now you have found a better niche for your website. Is it a perfect niche? It is too early to say that because there are other factors that must be discussed. Just finding a good topic is not enough. The topic must be more than that, it must be perfect. In order to be perfect, the topic must have relevance to the people.

In conclusion, in order to choose the perfect niche you must find a proper topic. Then, you have to divide the topic and find a topic with fewer search engine results. Try to be unique and original. You have to think from general to particular, from general topics to niche topics. It is the main key for being a successful Webmaster. Do what others are not doing. Many people are creating websites related to "games", but few are making websites about "winter games for children", for example. Do you understand what I mean? Be different. Use your imagination. And do not forget: after you find the topic, the next thing you must do is to check for its relevance.
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