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Affordable Telemarketing Solutions For Small Business

May 28, 2008
Imagine a flood of new, quality leads flowing into your business as the result of a bank of telephone sales professionals. Your virtual sales team pursues individuals and companies who would be genuinely interested in your business offerings, if they only knew that your company existed. Imagine this service as being affordable for everyone, including small business owners and professionals like you. Telemarketing, inbound and outbound Answering Service Services are no longer reserved only for the large companies who can afford to hire expensive telemarketing services. Any business or professional office can hire a professional telemarketing firm who will be able to market their product or professional service at an easily affordable price.

Many entrepreneurs start their companies in the hopes that just hanging their sign will bring in big sales. Although displaying your shingle plays a role in marketing a new business, actively making personal contact with potential clients and customers is the only sure way of generating sales. Small and medium sized businesses have traditionally relied on the frustrating and sometimes intimidating method of cold calling to make the essential first contacts with their market. Solo business owners often wake up early in the morning, make their first pot of coffee and flip through the local Business-to-Business Directory in hopes of generating new business leads before key decision makers get caught up in the routine of a busy day.

Many new business owners, and even seasoned sales pros, hate this process. Some newcomers also find the cold calling process intimidating, while others thrive at it and discover sales skills that they didn't know they had. Even the best cold-calling expert finds that taking a couple of hours out of the day to create new business can be an obstacle to actually starting the rest of the day's projects. In slightly larger business organizations, dedicated sales staffers take the initiative on all sales activity. Sales departments sometimes have the benefit of being able to track down potential business customers through purchased lists and lead generation programs.

When hot lead sources experience temporary dry spells, sales staff resorts to thumbing through the B2B Directory to generate new sales. Regardless of the size of your business, the law of averages rules the cold calling process: the more individuals called, the greater the likelihood of getting the successful sale. Common wisdom among cold callers states that you will get ten receptive listeners for every hundred calls, and perhaps one sale. Often, smaller businesses need dedicated sales representatives to focus on key customers, and do not have the resources to use their professionals for lead generation. At other times, a company wants to remain small, and wants to outsource their lead generation needs to another company who can accomplish these tasks more effectively and cost efficiently than hiring a dedicated sales force.

While there are many mammoth-sized telemarketing firms targeting behemoth corporations who need their services, many smaller telemarketing companies specialize in offering their range of services to smaller businesses. Smaller telemarketing companies have honed their processes to make their services easily available at an affordable price that makes sense to small businesses who are working within a limited marketing budget, but who demand verifiable results for their investment. If one small business owner, working alone, can generate 100 calls during one business day, what would happen if she could affordably double, triple or quadruple her efforts? What if she could contract with a telemarketing firm who could assign her cold calls to five operators, or ten, or twenty? The small business owner increases her marketing reach for a very minimal cost.

Answering Services that specialize in inbound and outbound telemarketing verify their results to their customers in several different ways. Business to Consumer (B2C) Sales numbers speak for themselves: clients can review sales reports, call response rates, hang up data and all information about the call in a series of reports. These reports are often instantaneously generated through internet web-based applications that you can easily access through your own internet connection. Telemarketing services are also able to qualify leads: they are able to conduct research to determine the principle decision maker for a company or department, follow up with your sales pitch and set up appointments between you and receptive leads. Telemarketing service companies will generate detailed reports so that you are familiar with the results of every single step of the lead generation process.

Other telemarketing services have the capability of creating complete market research solutions for their clients at a very afordable rice. This range of marketing services used to be the domain of the larger marketing firms who set prices far above the reach of the typical small business owner. Smaller telemarketing companies are small and medium sized businesses who know their clients' needs and concerns, and price their services within the budgets of businesses just like themselves. Choosing a smaller telemarketing services firm creates a personal link with another small business owner who is eager to help his or her clients succeed.

Telemarketing Services are an increasingly affordable solution to generating new sales leads for your company when you need to extend your business reach. Easy, customizable solutions within your budget are available from smaller telemarketing companies who can help you generate hot leads and solid sales with minimal effort, leaving you free to focus on your key projects.
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Robert Porter is the President and CEO of 1-800 We Answer, a full service telecommunications company providing a complete range of answering service, call center, voice mail, fax, mail,telemarketing and phone system services to businesses and individuals.
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