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The Business Arguments For Investing In Customer Service

May 28, 2008
There are numerous business arguments for spending time and money on customer service, all of which have their own merits outweighing much of the downsides. Running a business without adequate customer service is one sure fire way to lose out in the long run, in terms of both customers and cost to your business. Customer service should be approached as a fixed cost that is also an investment in customer retention and goodwill, and ultimately in bottom line profits. By allotting adequate resources to the cause, your business will undoubtedly see a benefit from the customer service it provides.

One of the key business arguments for providing customer service lies in customer retention, and in maximising the lifetime value of each and every customer. Assume each customer is worth 100 a year to your business. By investing heavily in customer service, your business can retain each customer for life, which would make each individual customer worth significantly more over the longer term. However, without any thought to customer service, the lifetime value of each customer to your business could be much less, and there may be no guarantees of keeping each customer on after one year. Thus investing in a customer service department in your business is not only a good idea, but also one that can make or break your long term financial success.

It's also important from a business point of view to have strong customer service as a way of protecting your brand, and ensuring the perception of your business remains in tact. People talk, particularly after having experienced poor service, and word can spread fast that your company isn't able to deliver on its promises. If you make a habit of neglecting the customer service issues faced by your company on a day to day basis, you might quickly find that your business loses its ability to attract new sales prospects rather rapidly.

Another main business argument for establishing a competent customer service department is its impact on branding and customer acquisition. Converse to the fact that bad service will attract attention from word of mouth referrals, so too good customer service travels fast. If people experience positive service, even where they may be having a problem with one of your products or services, they're likely to tell others about the service they've enjoyed. This is an asset to your business, and if you get your customer service right, it can help to bring in new business referrals indirectly.

Running a business isn't rocket science - it requires solid business fundamentals and the necessary support infrastructure to ensure you can deliver on what you promise and to keep customers happy. After all, happy customers are repeat customers, and repeat customers have the potential to strongly grow your business. By taking heed of the obvious business advantages to developing and strengthening your customer service department, you can benefit from a growth in your business and a stronger brand perception, which will help retain existing customers and attract new ones in equal measure.
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