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3 Reasons To Use Proximity Ads In A Sales Campaign

May 28, 2008
Every business struggles to find new ways to reach potential customers that won't drain profits before they can even accumulate. Some businesses try mobile marketing, some try print ads, some try bill boards. Here's why they are not as effective.

Mobile Marketing Versus Proximity Ads

Mobile marketing can be an effective tool, if you have the mobile phone numbers of your prospective clients and customers. If you don't have the mobile phone numbers of the clients, this type of advertising in useless. In addition to requiring mobile phone numbers, each text to the client is costing the client, this can be annoying to the client. Even with a great sale, some mobile phone owners are very testy when it comes to their mobile phone bills and added charges. If you are trying to get customers, annoying them is not the way to go. Proximity ads require no mobile phone numbers and do not charge for the ads. Also because the receiver permits the ad in the first place, they are in essence requesting it, which means they shouldn't be annoyed by an ad they asked for in the first place.

Print Ads Versus Proximity Ads

Print ads can be great because they are brightly colored and reach a wide population. There is one thing wrong with print ads, however, the volume in which they go out. So many companies bombard potential customers with print ads. Some people are so fed up with the amount of junk mail that many times a print ad is thrown in the trash before it can even be read. Your sales campaign cannot work if people do not see or hear about it. With proximity ads, it goes to people who want to see it without annoying those who do not want to see it. Not to mention the target audience. With print ads, you don't even know if the people looking at them would ever purchase from you. With proximity ads, they are already in your business. You already know they shop there, so you know you are targeting the right audience.

Bill Boards Versus Proximity Ads

Bill boards can reach a lot of people if they are in the right area. Even then, the most traveled streets are so busy that people are paying more attention to the road then your bill board and before you know it, thousands have driven by your bill board concentrating on the meeting they are about to attend or the cell phone call they are on, that they haven't even seen your bill board advertising the best sale you have ever had. Then there are those who have seen the ad while they are on their way somewhere else and think it is a great sale and will go there some other time. Then they forget so some other time never comes.

Proximity Ads are better for your business because they do not cost the potential customer, they do not require mobile phone numbers, they get viewed by those who actually want to see them and they target an audience that you know is there to shop in your business or at least potentially shop in your business instead of people who may not even need or want what you are selling.
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