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How To Make Your Home For Sale Stand Out With Proximity Ads

May 28, 2008
The market is full of homes for sale. So how do you make your home for sale stand out? By using advertising, of course. Not just any advertising will work appropriately. While most people are under the impression that all advertising is good advertising. While it is important to get the word out, how you get the word out is just as important.

Print ads can be costly. In addition to the cost, many print ads offer very little information. Some ads may show one or two pictures, but that certainly can't do justice to the numerous attributes your house has to offer.

Text ads can list a few of the details of the house, but without pictures, it will never do your house the justice it deserves. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words hasn't been around for ages because it isn't true. It is very true and seeing something with your own eyes can be one of the most motivational things in the buyer's decision making processes.

Real estate agencies are wonderful tools when it comes to selling your home. The only problem with real estate agencies is that most of the time you have to schedule appointments in order to see the house. This can be frustrating to someone who wants to look at houses right at that moment. With the full schedule that so many people keep, no one wants to spend their day off following an agent to homes that are not what you were looking for to begin with.

Proximity ads can help with this. Place the media content server in front of the house, and watch the customers roll in. From the comfort of their car, they can see running video giving a tour of every room of the house with a tour guide to give details about each room. Not only do they have instant satisfaction, but they now know enough about the property to make a decision, but no one's time was wasted. You can even let the customer know where they can see more houses through proximity ads.

You can put a media content server on a bill board and have a live data feed with the most up to date information available. With other ads you risk the chance that the home is already sold or under contract. This can cause annoyance and even disappointment in some cases. With live data feed, the customer can see the new houses within hours of being put on the market.

Proximity ads can offer instant gratification to the potential buyer. It can give a much more detailed view of the house than any print ad could. The buyer can see all the houses you have to offer with the most up to date information. Best of all, the buyer can do it on their time. The best kind of buyer is a happy buyer, and a buyer that doesn't have to spend a whole day looking at houses is a happy buyer.
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