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How Proximity Ads Can Work In A Shopping Mall

May 28, 2008
In a shopping mall, where the stores are endless, it is important to make your store and the great deals it is offering stand out. When there are numerous businesses in competition with your business, letting the potential customers know what you have to offer can mean the difference between a sale and a sale for your competition.

One of the key reasons a customer doesn't take advantage of a great deal is simply that they aren't aware of the great deal. No one wants to pay more for the same exact item, especially with gas prices consistently on the rise and with that the cost of nearly everything going up. Customers have to find savings somewhere, and they will go where they can find it. How can your business show what great deals are offered inside?

Proximity ads can reach anyone standing within a hundred yards of the media content server. If you place the media content server over the entrance, place a poster alerting potential customers of the deals and let the customer do the rest. They accept the ads offered, view your great deals and come inside to potentially take advantage of your great deals.

Your ads can be images, video, animated images, audio clips, business cards and live data feed. Have a great deal on a pair of jeans? Seeing a color picture of the jeans with the great low price you have to offer is much better then having a poster saying "Jeans 14.99." Seeing the price is great, but actually seeing the jeans can be a deal clincher. A woman looking at a pair of jeans may say, "Wow, those are some really cute jeans and that is a great price." Seeing the jeans may compel them to go inside and at least look at the jeans. That is the first step in gaining a customer.

If you want to catch the customer right as they come into the mall, you can place your media content server by a main mall entrance. You can also place the media content server in the food court of the mall, where the customers are now relaxed after eating and deciding which way to go and where to head to next. Many times the food court is a meeting place and that can be where the group makes a plan of action. Add a media content server to the food court and let them know you have great deals so they can include your business in their plans.

Ultimately, the more people that know what you have to offer, the more chances you have to draw someone in and make them a customer. With a spontaneous trip to the mall, chances are the potential customers might not have seen any print ads, nor are they coming to your store for any bill boards, radio or TV ads, or mobile marketing ads you might have used. But they can still be reached with proximity ads. After all, they are in the right place at the right time and if they are there to begin with, chances are, they are there to spend money.
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