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Great Referral Service Ideas

May 28, 2008
Getting referrals is a great way to expand your business network and giving it more exposure to more customers. The good thing about referrals is that you do not need to fork out loads of money for advertisements and such. Just give your customer a call and ask if there is anyone that they know that they would like to recommend. From there, you can easily get new customers and contact them on the spot. This is what we call referral marketing. It is so popular and effective, that people have set up entire businesses based on this idea.

Before you start in referral marketing, you will need a decent computer and database software that is able to handle all your businesses needs for handling multiple databases. A two-line phone would also come in handy. If you are working with old or outdated computers, you might want to first use a handwritten list. Once your business grows as you get more referrals, you can then upgrade your computers.

Okay, now that you have all the right tools, what should you do next? Well, it is time to figure out which are some of the amazing referral service ideas that you can use.

There are plenty for you to pick from. Here is a list of referral services that you might want to consider:

-Roommate referrals
-Auto Mechanic
-Daycare and babysitter
-Any type of doctor
-Cleaning service
-Hosting Companies
-Cell Phone Service

Check out some of these services and contact the companies that you are interested to work with. So what happens is that, upon agreement, the particular company will pay you, in return for each referral that direct to them. This also means that they are advertising with you.

Your customers do not need to pay a single cent when they wish to use your referral service. You get your income by simply getting paid from companies that agree to be included in your referral list.

Other referral service ideas would include:

*An attorney referral service, matching customers or callers to various specialists on criminal law and family real estate etc.

*A healthcare service which helps in the matching up of potential patients with cardiologists, pediatricians and other kinds of specialists

*A homeowners' network which helps in referring consumers to painters, and lawn care services

Otherwise, you can choose to specialize in entertainment, travel and tours, bridal services and just any other service that you think that people need help with.

Remember, you can also run your referral service on the web. But if you are not tech-savvy, then just skip the thought and stick to the traditional phone method. If helps if you have some experience in the industry of the company that you're working with.. It would make your work much easier as you can simply match the customer to the right kind of service that they have been searching for.

It would be great if you have excellent people and communication skills. It will help to make the customers confident of your recommendations.
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