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Stock Broking A Passion For A Career

May 28, 2008
Basically you do not require any educational background but in most of the cases most of the stock brokers have some kind of college education. As you succeed in your career, you would realize that a college degree helps greatly. The stock market is a tedious and fast paced arena that asks for constant analysis, vigilance and hours of devotion. When you need to study the market and its trends a college education comes in handy to understand the terms and the reports, etc. You should be well versed in math, economics and business strategies. If you want you can manage your own portfolio or under your parents name if you are under 18.

Basically, you need to pass a certification exam for becoming a stock broker. In order to take the exam you need to join a brokerage firm for minimum four months. This is mandatory before taking the exam for becoming a stock broker. This exam is General Securities Registered Representatives Examination.

This exam is recognized by Financial Services Authority`s list of approved exams. The certification makes you an FSA approved person so that your firm can put you forward for their stock broking firm. In many states, you may also need to take another examination of Uniform Securities Agents State Law Examination and Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam to practice stock broking in the state.

Thus after passing the exam, you still need to contemplate your options as to how to become a stock broker and be successful as well. You can act as an independent broker with your own firm but the best way to start is to be associated with a good stock broking firm. A large firm gives you vast exposure to different kinds of stock broking activities and tons of experience. Moreover, various activities in a large broking firm would not only give you exposure but would also teach you how to handle taking positions of large volumes. You can also join investment clubs and compare different investment opportunities, analyze market movements and results.

The best advice for becoming a good stock broker is to start with taking positions in the industry you are familiar. If you have some idea about consumer durables or retail chains, then it is good you start dealing in stocks of companies from these fields. This way you shall be able to understand the market behavior and market movements. You shall also feel comfortable taking positions in these companies as their movement would be predictable to you.

Thus you can easily become a stock broker with any reputed firm. Once you start understanding the market and are more confident about your skills you can take industry jumps to better job positions or start your own firm. The choice is yours, just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Start steadily and gradually gain the pace with the market.
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