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E-mail Marketing: Why Targeted Segmentation = Higher Conversion?

May 28, 2008
If you are running a successful online business you probably understand the importance of niche marketing. But do you know that niche marketing also apply to email marketing?

In order to start a successful email marketing campaign, you have to know and understand you target audience. So when you are trying to market a new product online, do you say the same thing to everyone? Would you market a new product to a mother the same way you would market to her son? Usually not, and that is because there are a lot of different types of people out there. When you are using email marketing, it's easier to use targeted segmentation to reach the customers better. Let's look at it like this. You can send out a thousand emails to different people and have a small conversion rate.

Or you can send 500 emails out to a targeted segmentation, and you could have a higher conversion rate. Not only are you sending out less emails, but you are getting more people to use and buy from your site. Now think about it. If you sent out a thousand emails to the targeted segmentation group, now you are going to get more than double the amount of conversion rate that you were getting the other way.

Why is it a good idea to look at targeted segmentation? Let's look at the facts first. There are a lot of different people out there, and they all like different things. Because everyone is so different, you cannot talk to everyone the same way. Different forms of advertising and different emails are going to be better when you can gear them towards a certain group of people.

A lot of people do not use targeted segmentation, because it felt like you where numbering the people that you could contact. It felt like you were leaving out a big chunk of the marketplace. Now, however, these targeted segmentation groups are growing in size. People are also seeing that you do not have to just contact one group. You can write many different emails, and gear them towards different segmentation groups.

Before you dump all your customers into the same basket, make sure to understand their needs. Once you determine their needs, you'll be able to write email that appeals to them and you'll increase your conversion ratios and sales tremendously.

The fact remains that if you write your emails to attract a certain group of people, you are going to get a better conversion rate on your site. This means that the amount of people who read your emails and become loyal customers will be high. That is what you need to make it in email marketing. You have to generate a lot of quality leads. When you learn how to talk to a certain group, they become long term customers, and that is what makes a successful business. Just having someone buy something from you one time does not mean that you are set for life.

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