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Give Your Adsense Income An Almighty Boost!

Aug 17, 2007
Are you one of the thousands, nay, millions of people who are working off blood, sweat and tears in order to get your adsense income to the desired level?

Are you struggling to even break the dollar a day barrier?

Well let me give you a few tips.

After all It wasn't that long ago that I was where you are now, once I'd learnt a few techniques and more importantly - put them into action, my adsense income grew and grew.

The beauty of it is that now I can go out for a meal, take a trip to the cinema, go to a bar with my friends and know that when I get home, I'll have had some clicks. Clicks from vistiors to my site. Clicks which have paid me cash directly into my bank account.

So how do you go about getting these mysterious clicks? Well it's actually pretty easy with a little discipline and a moderate amount of hard work. But there are certain things that you simply must do in order to generate a long term adsense income.

Here are my top 3 adsense boosters...

1) Make a quality website. Sounds obvious but this gets more important as the search engines develop and filter out duplicate content. In truth the duplicate content myth is something which may not be as harmful as first thought. However, the only way you can guarantee that your sites will continue to rank highly is to stuff them full of quality, original content.

Here's a truly important piece of advice that will mean the difference between long-term success and imminent failure - build sites for your visitors, not the search engines. Get it? Make them readable and informative, not stuffed full of keywords in order to attract the search engine spiders.

2) Position your ads correctly. That means to the left or right of the content so that the text (of your well-researched articles) surrounds the ad. If you can get an image near the ad all the better, but Google state that the image must have a border around it to stay in the TOS.

3) Backlinks, but not just any old backlink. There is a really effective in-depth way to do this and I'll try to cover it in a brief form here.

Write original, entertaining articles. Use Article Marketer to distribute them and submit manually to Ezine Articles (for PR reasons). Now for the science bit. In the resource box of your article use anchor text. Make sure you use a term that relates to your niche and that has a reasonable amount of comeptition. When your article is spread around enough sites, you'll start to rank well for that term. Over time this will gain you floods of long-term traffic.

So they're my three most important tips on how to give your adsense income a kick up the behind.

Listen, it's not easy, you can't just push a button and begin making oodles of money as some "marketers" would have you believe. You just need a step by step plan of action that you can follow diligently, day in day out. A decent adsense income is a cumulative result of the daily effort you put in.

So go forth young warrior and start building your adsense kingdom ;)
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Matthew feels he has cracked the adsense formula and his strictly no hype Adsense Plan would like to show you how to make money with Adsense
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