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Writing Sales Copy That Gets Results

Aug 17, 2007
Your website must be treated as a sales letter, not a brochure. That's because brochures don't sell. Let me repeat: brochures don't sell.

Brochures just inform theirs viewers of a product or service. But they won't help you make even a sale (unless that is really what you want but hey, I have yet to meet anyone who wants to be in business to lose sales!).

Your sales letter consists of primarily:



Benefits vs. Features


Free / Special Offer

You have to find a headline that will grab the attention of your visitors or else they will not read the rest of your sales letter. This is very crucial. The headline will make or break your sales letter!

Assuming, you're selling an instructional video on how to play soccer professionally, so you must come up with an attention grabbing headline for your product like the following:

"Learn To Play Soccer like a Pro in 7 Days"

Visitors especially Soccer enthusiasts (but not pros) would definitely stop dead in their tracks and read on to learn more about your product.

WARNING: Do not give false promises or mention something you cannot or don't intend to deliver in your sales letter in the attempt to get your customers to buy from you. This is important business practice regardless of any form of business you are doing. For instance, if this product cannot guarantee its students to be a Soccer professional in a week, then the product should be named otherwise or not make into the lights of the day.

The sub headline will encourage your visitors to read further.

The sub headline will give a spark of hope to Soccer player wannabes who couldn't help but think that their handicap is stopping them from performing like an Ace on the Soccer field and therefore encourages them to read further.

Since you've already got them interested in reading your letter, the rest of your sales letter must tell your potential buyers about the benefits and features of your product. For instance, you can say that your product is the best out there (assuming that is true). You can back this fact by throwing in testimonials from happy buyers who benefited from your product, and testimonials are indeed powerful.

If you have a free offer that can help you increase the chance of making a sale, don't hesitate to give! In this case, you can give a free one minute preview clip of your instructional video for your visitors to watch. Should your visitors decide that this is for them, they would buy from you.

Now, isn't that awesome?
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