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Answering Services For Finance And Real Estate

May 29, 2008
The worlds of finance and real estate are becoming linked in consumers' minds these days, as news reports shout doom and gloom about the United States economic crisis. Americans are calling their financial services providers in droves with questions about their mortgages, their property values, their stocks... and businesses involved in finance and real estate are being flooded with calls. On a brighter side, falling housing prices in many areas of the country are making it possible for first time home buyers with excellent credit to find amazing deals. Businesses in both finance and real estate have lots of good reasons to be optimistic about an economic rebound, and need to find a way to respond to all of their callers.

Answering services like 1-800 We Answer can help your finance or real estate business calmly and capably manage the flood of incoming calls into your office. This article will attempt to cover the basics involved in making the decision to hire an financial answering service or real estate answering service for your business.

A Financial Answering Service is a Great Partner for any Financial Firm

Considering what the state of the economy and stock market is these days, many smart banks, brokerage firms and financial institutions of all kinds are turning to and partnering with a financial answering service. If you are an optimist like me, a volatile stock and financial market offers many good investment opportunities now. For sure, we would all would like to buy that stock you like or want to own on a bid dip, or when it approaches a new low.

Why is a financial answering service becoming so popular and often times factored into the budget of a financial firm? They simply make economic sense and actually aid/help your sales efforts. How? Well, they can take the calls that come in as a result of that financial seminar you're having, or take incoming calls that come in as a result of the print ad your ran in a trade magazine or newspaper, or as a result of that TV spot your company ran, or as a result of that direct mail piece/campaign you did. You get the picture.

Sure, you want these incoming leads and or responses in the hands of your sales professionals and they'll get there. However, getting these leads qualified first makes sense and saves you time and money. A financial answering service can manage your after-hour calls, 24/7, 365-days a year. A financial answering service can also give incoming callers product information and take requests for a certain prospectus or brochure. Since many full-service financial firms or banks offer a wider array of investment products such as stocks, commodity futures, options, mutual funds, etc, hiring a financial answering service makes sense when it comes to simple information requests.

A financial answering service is a smart solution for financial firms of all kinds and sizes. Getting that incoming call answered promptly and professionally with a live operator ready and willing to help your caller now, will pay off for your bottom line. Partnering with a financial answering service is a win-win situation.

As we all know, the current real estate conditions in the US are at an interesting standpoint to say the least. If you're the optimistic type; you see many great buying opportunities. If you're not, you see a glut of unsold homes and people somehow trying to manage their monthly nut with an adjustable mortgage. What this all means is that there is a lot of activity for real estate agents and the agencies they work for. In the major cities, and now even in the suburbs, rentals are still a thriving business; people simply need housing. Some experts say it's currently much cheaper to rent than own. With all this in mind, there's a real need now to have a real estate answering service for your agency.

A Real Estate Answering Service Can Work for your Agency to Help you Better Service and Sell to your Clients

A real estate answering service can help your agency in many ways. First and foremost, you can't afford to miss a single call considering the current marketplace. A real estate answering service can provide professional call coverage and customer service. They can handle your overflow and after-hour calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-days a year. Yes, you have a cell phone, but there are times you don't get the call for all kinds of reasons. You don't have enough bars; you've got no signal, no network. Isn't a live, well-trained, an articulate operator better than a voicemail? You bet it is.

A real estate answering service can take incoming calls for that open house or seminar you have scheduled and it's likely they would be less expensive than the cost of running your classified or print ad in a major newspaper. The smart real estate agencies and groups want to keep their sales agents out there: showing that apartment, co-op, condo, home, commercial space or property and not inside tied to a phone, waiting. While they're working, showing and hopefully selling, a real estate answering service will cover your calls whenever needed, on a part-time or full-time basis.

Finding good and reliable professional sales and service help can be costly and time consuming. By teaming-up, or shall we say; backing up your sales force with a reliable real estate answering service, your business will simply be better off service and sales-wise.
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