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How To Get Ahead With Moving Office

May 29, 2008
It is a widely accepted fact that the three most stressful things people are likely to encounter in their life are: getting a divorce, moving house and having a baby.

Therefore, it's safe to assume that none of the 'widely accepting' public has had to coordinate an office move. Moving house can be stressful but at least you can safely assume that making a major error during the move won't result in potentially losing your job and your livelihood.

So - when moving office - make the decision to create a thorough checklist to ensure you don't forget anything vital.

To help you, here are a few handy hints that often get forgotten to help make for a smooth move:

1. Call up your telephone provider to switch your service to the new address on the move date. If it is not possible to transfer numbers then ensure that a new service is started on the day of the move and that calls to the previous numbers are diverted to the new office.

2. Ensure all clients and regular suppliers are aware of the change of details. A letter stating the change of address ensures there is no confusion.

3. Make sure all basic services- gas, electricity, internet and so forth, are running in the new office and arrange for bills to be switched to your company name on the day of the move. It may be a good idea to ring the landlord/building owner/ estate agent before doing this.

4. Redirect mail using the Royal Mail to ensure any people who are accidentally not notified can still contact the company.

5. Look around for a good deal with an office mover. Using a reliable comparison site can cut down on time wasted searching around the internet.

6. Ensure move schedule and new office floor schedule are arranged with the movers in plenty of time (around 4 weeks is ideal).

7. Make an inventory of expensive items in your office, also note any damage already incurred by these items.

8. Make sure your Insurance covers the move and that your cover is as comprehensive as it can be possibly be.

9. Ensure everyone has contact number lists for on the day of the move.

10. Make sure all crates are clearly labeled with their destination and contents to cut down on 'lost crates' that inevitably end up in the wrong office.

The thing to remember is to plan each person's role in the move (supervisor for each room, packing up their own desk, people to pack up common areas and so forth) and ensure they know what they are doing. Unless the office is very small it's always best to delegate out responsibility to ensure that you have time to step back and look at the bigger picture instead of trying to micromanage.

Then, when the big day comes, keep vigilant for problems and always be contactable in case something goes awry. Always ensure there is a clear chain of command so little problems can be dealt with by room supervisors which will leave your day (and phone line) clear to deal with any large issues.

Good luck and enjoy your (relatively) stress free move.
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Richard James works for The Office Movers, a UK site where businesses can receive quotes from up to 4 office removals firms.
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