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Back End Advertising With Affiliate Marketing

May 29, 2008
Today's online affiliate marketing business has become more crowded and competitive than ever. In order to be successful it is essential for the affiliate marketer to maximize every source of income. Back end marketing can be a very good source of additional income for both affiliates and merchants. Back end marketing can be a great tool in the affiliate marketer's arsenal and substantially increase their overall income.

The technique of back end marketing is the advertising of secondary products to someone who has already become a paying customer and made an initial purchase. These other products offered to the customer are called back end products.

Since the customer has already become acquainted with the merchant or affiliate, they have an established level of trust with the customer. This level of trust is very important to advertising. Because of this trust, selling the back end product may actually be easier than making the initial sale.

Back end selling has helped many companies, both online and brick and mortar, increase their overall sales. It is assumed that if a customer is happy with the initial product that was purchased, he'll assume that the company is offering good products and will come back again.

The basic technique for back end advertising is to introduce the customer to products that may cater to their additional needs. This includes products that may be an enhancement to the product they already purchased. When the customer sees the back end products, and because you have already established trust with him, he will be very likely to look into them and may make a purchase.

Another reason for the success of back end advertising is the customer's willingness to buy. When a customer makes and initial purchase you can assume many things about the customer. One of them is the customer has money to spend on products. You can also assume that the customer is comfortable buying things online and buying products from you.

Back end selling has been proven source of additional income for many online companies, helping them to expand very quickly. If the technique used correctly, it can also work extremely well with affiliate marketing.

While affiliate marketing will attract new customers and lead to an initial sale, the back end products can bring income from already loyal buyers. In other words, back end selling is an important part of building a steady income from affiliate marketing.

All affiliate marketers should add back end selling to their advertising techniques. It can be an untapped substantial source of additional income.
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