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Travel Nursing - A Great Way Of Life

May 29, 2008
What is travel nursing and why should you consider it? Travel nursing is almost like temp work. Managers looking for more nurses to hire are experiencing shortages, especially in certain areas. As a result, they've been forced to look for nurses from outside locations. A travel nurse temporarily moves to another area to take advantage of a great working opportunity. Smaller towns often experience a shortage of nurses and have to hire outside help.

Travel nurses take on short-term assignments, getting work through agencies that have been set up to deal with the travel nursing demand. The benefits of travel nursing are many. The agency will find and supply you with housing, and cover travel expenses. They help travel nurses with licensing, benefits, and payroll. Because these positions are on a temporary basis, and the travel nurses have to come from out of town, you have the opportunity to make a very good income. Travel nurses get paid above market wages and have a bit of an adventure at the same time.

The length of time traveling nurses work depends on the situation. The amount of time you work varies with the agency and the healthcare institution that employs you. An assignment can last anywhere from 8 weeks to 26 weeks. Often you are given the opportunity to extend an assignment and stay for a longer period of time, but this isn't always plausible.

Travel nurse jobs are typically 8-13 weeks in length with most contracts. Traveling nurses get to see different parts of the country and earn a good amount of money while doing so. And because travel nurse jobs are cropping up all over the place, there is no shortage of opportunity.

Travel nursing jobs afford nurses the opportunity to travel for a short amount of time, save a good amount of money, and come back home to follow their dreams. The extra money may be perfect for the down payment on a house, or to collect interest in a savings account. Whatever the situation, travel nursing jobs are everywhere, so it's easy to take advantage of the opportunity if you want to.

Nursing shortages keep getting worse, especially in rural areas of the country. Vacancies can't always be filled and nurses are in high demand. There has been no better time to be a nurse - it's a rewarding and fulfilling job that helps others, but it also pays well. Travel nursing is growing, and will continue to grow into the future.

Travel nursing does more than just offer adventure, a change of pace, and higher pay. It's also a chance to hone and expand your skill base, and learn more about nursing and the healthcare industry in general. As you're exposed to a wide variety of healthcare situations, you learn more about the field and continue to improve your skills and working knowledge of nursing practices.

The practical side of travel nursing shouldn't be overlooked. Plus, you can add some great experience to your resume and become even more appealing on future job applications. Your experience as a travel nurse has the potential to set you apart from other candidates looking for a nursing job.
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