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How To Beat The Shop Prices - Getting A Good Deal

May 29, 2008
If you are lucky enough to have pots of spare money lying around, then when you go shopping there's nothing in the world to stop you from walking into the first and the nearest shop, choosing the product you want and buying it. It's simple. However, most people like to shop around and look out for a bargain. There are several ways in which this can work out very well, and if you're ready to put in a little homework, a little extra time and efforts, you can find yourself walking away with the product you wanted at a much lower price than you expected to pay, or even an upgraded or better version of the product you were looking for at no extra cost. Here are some tips to consider if this sounds like the sort of thing which appeals to you.

The first rule of getting a good deal is to shop around. If you are in a city where there are a number of shops all offering the product you're after, then have a look at it in different shops and see what they're offering. Perhaps it's a DVD you're after, in which case, have a look in at least two or three shops for the DVD, and make a note of the prices. You'll be surprised how much even something as simple and standard as a DVD can vary in price between shops nearby - sometimes by a few pounds, which is well worth a few minutes' extra walk.

However, you can probably still do better. Try to search online, at the websites for these stores and also for other sites that have no physical store but are entirely web based. These companies have fewer overheads, and so are usually able to offer cheaper prices than the shops. Even so, prices will vary, you will still find that by visiting a few websites and you'll start making a note of the varying prices.

Another way of doing this is to find price comparison sites that allow you to search for a product and then see a long list of websites selling it, with the prices listed in order, so that you can instantly tell at a glance which website is offering the product cheaper.

Yet another alternative is to consider buying the second hand product. Although this isn't always possible, either because the product you need is not a reusable one (such as makeup for instance) or because the item is a gift for someone, and you'll naturally want it to be in new condition. However, where it is possible to buy a second hand one, have a look at some of the popular auction sites in the internet. Very often these will provide you with a list of the products you're after, and if you're lucky you'll be able to place a winning bid that is substantially below the listed price.

However, one word of advice - when buying online remember to add the postal delivery charges. What you save by buying online is compared to the high street, you can more than lose in postage if you're not careful, so don't be in too much of a hurry to get that bargain and make sure it is really as good bargain as it seems.
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