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Build A List Fast With Video Opt-In Profits

Geoffrey Hadley
May 29, 2008
It's hard to believe that there are actually marketers who are still not using video on their websites. What will it take to get them to see that online video is now a necessity if you want your business to not only survive, but to thrive as well.

Let's face it, more people respond to video than plain boring text. The combination of audio and visuals makes it practically effortless for people to become engaged and absorb the information being given. If the video is compelling, it's far easier to keep the attention of your website visitors. They'll take action more quickly than those who get bored after reading a page or two of text.

So what are the various uses of video for the marketer who's interested in really accelerating his or her online profits?

If you start at the natural progression of the website visitor, the first important place to use video would be the opt-in or squeeze page. From there you can use videos that: 1.) ask the visitor to confirm and whitelist their email address by following certain steps; 2.) thank them for taking the right action and provide instructions for downloading the free incentive products; 3.) provide value by offering beneficial information at no cost; 4.) describe the "Offer"... the products or services you are selling; and 4.) thank them for their purchase.

One of the most important videos would have to be the opt-in video. This is the one that helps you generate that much-needed and highly valued "List" member. Having subscribers who read your emails and click on your links is an integral part of what it takes to be successful online today.

No doubt you've heard the often repeated line, "The money is in the list." While not totally accurate, it is absolutely true that once you've developed a relationship with the people on your list, they will be more likely to listen and act on your recommendations. But without a list, this is just not possible.

That's why the opt-in videos you use on your sites need to convey that you're a serious marketer and can be trusted. Professional video and graphics help to portray exactly that. Videos that tell a site visitor what they should do in order to gain access to an ebook, audio, video, or other product, work best when combined with interesting visuals and appealing music.

Just remember, when you can catch and keep the attention of your website visitors, they will be more likely to take action quickly. Video will help you not only do that, but it can give you the edge over all those marketers who haven't yet got around to adding it to their marketing mix. If you happen to be one of them, don't wait any longer... put video on your sites today!
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Geoff makes a substantial living online to provide financial freedom for himself and his loved ones.
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