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Moving To U S A What Should I Do First?

May 29, 2008
Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain stated in one of his anti-terrorism speeches that the measure of great nation is determined by the comparison of how many people want to get in as opposed to how many people want to get out. The United States is a nation where a whole lot of people want to get in and there are strict guidelines now to regulate that process. Before you sell your home, pack your belongings and hire a moving company you should review some of the requirements to enter the United States and become a resident.

The very first thing you should do is visit the United States as a tourist. This requires only a passport and can give you an opportunity to experience American culture and make sure it is right for you. There are many myths and legends about the USA that have been circulated abroad for years and are simply not true. Before you have your moving company bring your possessions to the Truck and of the truck you should do some research and make sure it is where you want to be. It is also helpful to know where in the US you want to settle.

The next step is to apply for a visa. One hundred years ago you could immigrate to America just because you wanted to, but today you need a good reason. Visas are available if you have relatives here already, are coming to work or be a student, or if you want to start a business or invest money. You can apply for a temporary or permanent visa to get there and then apply for a green card or citizenship when you arrive. You will need to give a valid reason for the move and produce evidence to support it. If you are a student you will need verification of acceptance and enrollment by the school. If you are coming for a job you will be required to get a signed document from your employer stating that you are an employee and they know you are not a US citizen.

Once the preliminaries are complete you can sell your house and hire a moving company. Research your available options and make sure that they have experience and knowledge of international moving regulations. If you can, look up the date the moving company was established. Continuous uninterrupted years in business are a good indicator that the company is pretty solid. Moving to another country is a major life decision and should be planned carefully from the first step to the final landing. Hire a moving company that knows what you need to do to avoid extra duty taxes and fees and avoid unwanted delays.
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