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A Review Of The Avalla Income Opportunity

May 30, 2008
There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of income opportunities on the market today. Some of them are legitimate, some are not and sifting through can be a nightmare. Luckily, there are a few out there that are legitimate ways of earning an income that can leave you comfortable. One of these is Avalla. This opportunity involves selling products. Avalla is an MLM, which many people are afraid off because the majority of the time these are frauds. However, these one seems to be a legitimate offer.

You do need to purchase or buy into the company and make a certain number of sales each month in order to maintain status in the company. Commissions are made out based on sales, as are bonuses for the month. There are several levels of sales positions available with Avalla based on the number of people under you and the amount of sales that each person makes. The products are niche marketed so while viable may be difficult for some people to sell.

Each sales level at Avalla has its own set of benefits and bonus opportunities and a set of qualifications necessary to reach these levels. These are consistent with standard commission sales levels. The commissions as well as the qualification and the necessary sales to reach and maintain the level grow. They also have a number of qualifying people you have to have under you. These have to be maintained in order for you to maintain your status at Avalla.

Avalla is an opportunity to consider if you are comfortable with MLM style business structure and you are good at managing and selling things within a niche market. While anyone can do and be successful at these types of businesses Avalla will work best for the before mentioned individuals. They do have consultants to help you get started and advice. Everyone who comes into the business is a qualifying member of someone and belongs to a group.

This is the nature of this type of business opportunity. Avalla however does seem to be doing well, it has been around for a decently length of time, offers great benefits to those people who put effort and time into the business. It is not a get rich quick program that promises instant results. It does promise that bonuses, income, trips, cars and such are available to those people who put in the effort in order to making it work for them.

It does require a significant amount of time investment and there may be some investment necessary on the part of the sales person starting to work with Avalla in order to keep sales status until there is time for the business to grow both in outside sales and in sponsored and recruited qualifying consultants. As with any business opportunity take the time to look into the requirements before starting to make sure that the opportunity is right for you. The Avalla income opportunity does seem to be one to give attention too.
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