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How Much Is It Going To Cost You To Start A Small Business?

May 30, 2008
Nobody likes going into a new job and having to invest a great deal of money right off of the bat. You get a job to make money, not spend it. But on the internet, you are always going to have a small price to pay to get a small business going. While this is something you probably do not want to hear, it is important you recognize the word "small".

There are the internet programs that expect you to invest $500 to $1,000 to join their program. From there, you make a certain amount of income every time you make a sell. But when you start your own online small business, you can expect to pay very little.

There really is just two charges you will have to make; your domain name and hosting company. The domain name is the identity of your business and can be found for extremely cheap. There are places that offer domain names for as low as $2 a name.

As for hosting companies, you do not want to go too cheap because you want a reliable company. With the proper research you can find the right company for you. HostGator is the hosting company for over 700,000 web sites, and it can still be purchased for $4.95 per month. The key is getting out and finding the reliable and cheap combos.

Then there are the hosting companies that offer a package deal of hosting and a domain name. Some of these places offer hosting for under $6 along with a free domain name. Check to make sure you get to create the domain name though, because you do not want to get stuck with a domain name you do not want.

Aside from these two minute costs, you are not bound to spending another dime on the internet. The rest is up to you with what you want to do for your business. Paid advertising can generate you quick traffic, but there are a number of free marketing techniques out there. Writing articles and posting in forums does not cost you a dime and it can be extremely effective.

As much as you may not like to admit it, you probably are not a professional in everything when it comes to running a small business. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring a writer or graphic designer to further your business as well. Again, these are all charges that are up to you.

For the amount of potential you have to earn big bucks, it is amazing how cheap it is to start an online small business. Outside of the fees to purchase a domain name and hosting service, everything else is up to you.
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