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A Review Of The Artistic Impressions Income Opportunity

May 30, 2008
There's more to life than just getting food and keeping a roof over your head, and Artistic Impressions is trying to remind you of that! Artistic Impressions is a company that brings art right to the home and rather than keeping it as a preserve for the wealthy or for academia, you'll find that Artistic Impressions goes a long way to make art a part of the common and normal landscape.

If you are interested in spreading some visual joy around and ensuring that art complements the home that they have been brought to, there are a few things to think about regarding the Artistic Impressions opportunity.

The first thing to think about is what Artistic Impressions offers to its customers. Artistic Impressions is thoroughly of the school that believes that art should be enjoyed by everyone, and they have gone out of their way to make it accessible. Everything from abstract prints to prints that show a deep understanding of the human body and the world around it is covered, and you'll be able to tell your customers about it.

So what do you have to do to get the cash that is offered? Basically, you will be sent to different hosted parties where you will introduce the art to the attendees and speak to them a little bit about each piece.

This is not really a job for the shy or the introverted as it requires some travel and the ability to speak clearly and cogently, even engagingly with other people. If, however, you have no problem with interacting with people socially and you are a great salesman or saleswoman, this might be one of the best choices for you out there.

The earning potential for Artistic Impressions is quite high. It states that by working 1 night a week, you will be able to make more than 11,000 dollars a year. By working 2 to 4 nights a week, the sights promises, you will be walking away from the year with 80,000 to 120,000 dollars.

Artistic Impressions also promises more cash if you can get your friends and family involved in it. Although aggressive, the material does seem doable and when it comes support, this seems to be one of the better companies out there.

Now regarding recruiting for this company, I've been an MLM Recruiter for about six years. I've been lucky enough to make a six figure income in three different programs over the years. I did it by promoting to a massive list, but things have changed a lot since then. I'd recommend trying to promote now using the Search Engines and learning the latest SEO techniques like we do. By doing this you might take a year longer to build your business, but you build it on a concrete foundation verses trying to build it on quicksand.

While many multilevel marketing campaigns seem a little too good to be true, Artistic Impressions seems to be one outfit that is doing well financially and treating their customer and representatives alike with good support. If you don't mind selling art, this might be the opportunity for you!
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