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A Review Of Mlm Pre-launch Company Ambit Energy

May 30, 2008
Ambit Energy is a new business opportunity for those interested in getting into the energy business. Energy is something everyone uses, and because of that, it is an opportunity in the making.

Most energy is regulated however; there are 18 states that are deregulated when it comes to energy. This means that companies can come in and provide energy rather than one area being one company another being another. There is competition. Ambit Energy is the companies that are coming into the deregulated states.

Currently Ambit Energy is in three of the 18 states that are deregulated with Illinois in pre-launch status. The opportunity is to come in on the ground floor during the pre-launch. The opportunity gives redeemable points for each usage of energy though no mention on how the points were calculated. There is also mention of savings as high as 20% on energy costs including electric and gas.

As with any business opportunity, it is best to research all aspects of the company as well as all aspect of the business opportunity before committing to it. While the price seems reasonable, it seems a little low for being such a great deal. Normally, business opportunities that are expecting a high return cost a bit more to get in even on the ground floor.

It may be however, a promotional opportunity since they are only in three of the 18 states that have been deregulated. It may be a good idea to check and see if Ambit Energy is looking at entering any of the other states that have been deregulated and to learn more about the deregulation actions in the states in order to know more about what is behind the opportunity.

There is nothing to suggest that the opportunity is not something to consider however, the web site only shows a limited number of blog posts and seems relatively new. It may be worthwhile to do extensive research before considering this opportunity.

The opportunity itself involves selling customers or convincing them to switch over to the service, there are the various enrollment levels in the opportunity itself. This is an MLM opportunity. That means while there is significant opportunity for residual income by bringing people under you.

The compensation plan is fully downloadable and it does mention unlimited levels. The Ambit Energy opportunity seems to be one that shows promise. It also seems to be a relatively young opportunity. This is not surprising since deregulation is a relatively new practice in and of itself in this particular case.

There is nothing to indicate that the opportunity is not exactly what it seems however, whether or not you take up Ambit Energy as a moneymaking opportunity in this new pre launch state may be determined on how much of a risk you are willing to take with a business opportunity.

The low price of the pre launch state may definitely make it worth the while even for those that are interested only in lower investment and risk opportunities.
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