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A Review Of The Asd Cash Generator Income Opportunity

May 30, 2008
Description: Find out the truth about the ASD Cash Generator and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of ASD Cash Generator.

There is a way that will generate a windfall of money for your company on the internet. It is called ASD Cash Generator. ASD (add surf daily) will help you generate and bring in money everyday just by following their unique steps that actually generate more money for you by exposing your own advertisement to hundreds and thousands of other advertisers daily, by presenting your advertisement in such a way that it will PAY YOU to advertise.

With the internet now available to everyone around the world, consumers are beginning to shop more online than ever before, and now that fuel is so expensive, internet sales will begin to explode, making your product easier to access from a computer chair.

However, having your own business and your own web page doesn't mean that your site and your product will be seen by hundreds of consumers every day. Using the ASD Cash Generator will change that for you. ASD's procedures will ensure that your ads will be viewed on a daily basis.

More than if you just posted your website on the internet yourself and hope someone would stumble across your product. ASD makes sure your product is viewed on a daily bases by other advertisers who are promoting their own products using the ASD Method.

When company owners sign up for the Cash Generator and place an advertisement on ASD'S site other businesses and consumers will be able to view the ad. This will insure that your company's ad is always viewed. Right now there are virtually thousands of other consumers and businesses viewing the Cash Generator site that will also see your ad.

The advertisers are then granted a rebate to view other ads on the ASD Cash Generator site, which allows these other advertisers the opportunity to view a minim number of other ads each day, and after a small interval, this rebate program actually becomes free with these rebate programs which are paid from the ad purchase sales of the Cash Generator.

The more advertising packages you have active the more rebates you will produce for your own company. Each one of your active advertisements is then viewed, so you would want to create more ad packages to bring in more money for your product.

These rebate ads are tallied daily and are multiplied by the number of ad packages each advertiser has viewed and be credited to each advertiser's account. Purchasers continue receiving rebate until they have reached 100% of their own purchases, then by maintaining a minimum sales volume every month earns an extra percentage for their own account.

You can earn credits everyday by viewing a minimum of 24 websites per day will pay you enough credits and rebates to keep your own website showing daily. If you have 3 advertisements posted on ASD you can view a maximum of 72 other sites to keep all 3 of your own ads showing everyday.

These rebates are paid from the commissions from sales and Ad Placement Services and also from sales of banner ads that are generated from the ASD.
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