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Giving Your Vending Machine Business An Overhaul

May 30, 2008
If you have vending machines in your garage or a storage facility then chances are your business didn't go so well. Don't feel bad as many people get burned initially in this type of business and then they are afraid to try again. It is time to get the right information now though so you can put those vending machines into action.

The first rule of operating a successful vending machine business is securing good locations. You are going to have to get out there and find out where those locations are. Drive around and come up with a list of sites that could possibly work well for you. Next you are going to have to commit blocks of time to monitoring the traffic to that location.

In order to get a better idea of how successful those locations will be you need to do your homework. This is going to involve scheduling time to hang out by the location and observe how much traffic comes by. You need to evaluate it over the course of different days. You also need to be around them at various times of the day and night to really know what is going on in that given location.

You will need to make a very good impression with the owner of the vending machine location. Practice what you need to say to them to get them interested until it sounds very natural. You want to be confident but not cocky. Take the approach of what the relationship can offer them so that they will be interested.

The bottom line that they are going to be interested in though is the amount of money they can make off the deal. You want to give them as little as you can get away with but you need to be realistic. Crunch the numbers so you know what is fair. Some people like to offer a percentage of the profits while others are more likely to commit to a set monthly amount.

After the specifics of the agreement have been reached you need to put them into a contract document. You can easily type this up on your computer. It will be legally binding though and both parties need to sign it. If you need to add information later you can make an amendment that both of you need to sign as well.

Sometimes vending machines make easy targets for vandals or thieves. You don't want them to destroy your machines or take your money. Therefore you need to invest in safety measures such as video cameras and even bolts to secure the machines in place. Alarms can result in them running off instead of going forward with their criminal acts.

If the vending machine business has been a rough road for you so far don't give up. You can take this information and turn it all around. There are plenty of ways to have a profitable vending machine business. Put these practices into play for yourself and see what a difference they can make for you.
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