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Understanding Vending Machine Misers

May 30, 2008
You may have heard the buzz out there about vending machine misers. Are they a good investment or just something to try to get your hard earned money? From what I have seen, vending machine misers may be a good investment. It really depends on the type of operation you have in place.

The reason for a vending machine miser is to make your machines operate on less electricity. They have a monitor sensor in them so they can tell when people are approaching them. If your vending machine is in a location where not too many people are going to be at night, then it could be a good idea.

For those vending machines that are lucky enough to be in locations where there is constant action, a miser really isn't a good investment. They only work when the sensors don't detect anyone in the area. It will then turn on once every three hours for a short period of time and then turn back off. In the morning when there is hustle and bustle going on the vending machine will stay on.

Even if no one is walking by the vending machine, it will automatically kick on every three hours for a while. It also has a sensor for temperature. This means that the compressor may be shut off automatically when the temperature is cool enough to keep the products at the right temperature without it.

Since there will be less electricity being used with a vending machine miser, you should be able to get a better deal from the owner of the location. They will often argue that they charge high fees in order to cover the costs of the electricity that your machine uses. With a vending machine miser in place though they can't hold on to this argument.

Since the cost of operating the vending machine will be reduced, the owner of the vending machine location should be willing to accept a lower monthly payment or a lower commission for spot. You should be prepared to offer this information and have a discussion if you already have the vending machines in place. This way you can find out if it is worth it for you to add them.

Some people aren't sure if a vending machine miser really works. After all, the machine is going to kick on when they get in the vicinity of it. One of the easiest ways to find out is to look at the LED lights featured on it. Once you install the vending machine miser you will be able to see a green light. This tells you it has been installed correctly and it is operating. If you check it and see three green lights rapidly blinking, you know you have problems. It could be with the miser or with the actual vending machine so look everything over closely.

Only you can decide if a vending machine miser is going to be a wise investment for you or not. Since they are still new some people are very worried about how reliable they are going to be. However, those that do use vending machine misers have found they do save them money in the long run. If you think you could benefit from this product then you should see what all it has to offer you.
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