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The Four Seasons Of Vending Machines

May 30, 2008
Will you be able to make money with a seasonal vending machine location? That really depends on how profitable it is going to be during the busy season. In order to determine this, you are going to have to crunch numbers on paper and see how it all turns out. Initially, it may seem like the seasonal vending machine location is going to make you enough money to cover the slow periods too, but that isn't always the case.

For example, you may have a baseball field in your area where practices and games are held for three months out of the year. In the same area is a football field which also gets plenty of traffic for games and practice for about four months out of the year. This means that for approximately seven months, your vending machine will see a great deal of activity.

If you decide that this seasonal vending machine location is going to be profitable, then are you willing to leave it sitting there with very little money coming in the rest of the year? You will still get some sales in all probability, but not too much. Once you determine how much money you are able to make from the seasonal vending machine location these choices will be much easier to make.

It can get to be complicated and time consuming to accurately evaluate all of these figures. You really have to do it though as you don't want to risk your vending machine seating at a seasonal location and draining your profits instead of contributing to them. The amount of expenses you relating to your vending machine business are going to have to be carefully evaluated. You may have a monthly payment for the location as well as for the vending machine.

Moving vending machines is tricky business as there is always the risk of damage. You may consider having the vending machine in the seasonal location and then moving it to another location for the rest of the year. Make sure you have a solid contract in place with the owner of the seasonal vending machine location so that you are guaranteed to be able to move it back later.

Make sure they understand why you will be moving the vending machine. You should have it in writing that this is acceptable with them. It also needs to state when you will be moving the vending machine back. You need to calculate into your expenses the monthly payment of the vending machine location even if you move it because they are still going to charge you to hold that space.

In order to determine if a seasonal vending machine location is going to be profitable for you or not, you will really need to do your homework. All of your estimated figures should be on the low side in order to get a realistic picture. If you end up with more profits than you anticipated then that is great.

There are many things to consider with seasonal vending machine locations so make sure you take them all into account. You definitely are going to have to be able to take a realistic look at the numbers. You are also going to have to be able to budget your money so that you have plenty left over from the most profitable times to get you through the slower times of the year.
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Robert Farnham built a large, profitable vending business. He now writes about avoiding problems with vending locating businesses, and the smart way of starting a vending machine business.
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