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Vending Machines In Schools

May 30, 2008
There is plenty of controversy over the issue of vending machines being allowed in schools. With so many people in our society being overweight, especially children, things like this are coming under close scrutiny. If you pick up your children from school then you have definitely seen the lines of children getting sodas and snacks before they head home. In many instances their parents don't even know that this is taking place.

In various polls among junior high and high school students, 75% of students admitted to using lunch money or spending cash that their parents give them in vending machines at school. Most parents don't ask their children what they ate for lunch, they just assume that they are eating what the school is offering.

Parents don't like the fact that society is blaming them for children being overweight and unhealthy. In some cases they are at fault as they don't offer balanced meals at home. They also don't encourage their children to get enough exercise. Yet there are parents that work hard to offer a good diet for their children, especially those with weight issues. They feel the school needs to support them by preventing their child from accessing foods they shouldn't while at school.

In order to curb the number of students that spend their lunch money in the vending machines, many schools have chosen to turn them off during this time of the day. In the schools that don't though you can often see many students enjoying a soda and a bag of chips for lunch instead of a hot meal. Still, older students can drive to area fast food locations or convenient stores so there is no stopping them.

Of course if you look at this from the prospective of a vending machine business owner, schools are a prime location. There are plenty of hungry children running around and many of them enjoy sugary drinks and snacks. As parents and schools work together to provide kids with the best nutrition though, this prospective location could end up being a thing of the past for many vendors.

One alternative is to change some of the selections offered in the vending machines. This way they could remain in the schools but offer some healthier options that will be good for the students. Instead of soda drinks offered could include water, sports drinks, and juice. Instead of sugary snacks students could choose from peanuts, granola bars, yogurt, fresh fruit, and crackers.

You just might find offering healthy foods and drinks in your school vending machines increases your sales. Many staff members may start making purchases from them as well. Most adults try to refrain from sugary drinks and snacks on a regular basis so they may really like that you offer them some healthy alternatives.

Make a plan of attack so you are ready for this argument from administration. If they know you are on board with a plan of the healthy items you will offer in vending machines then you may have a chance of placing your machines there. This can end up being very profitable for you. Even though school is only in session for nine months, staff and summer schools students will be there in the summer months.
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