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How To Write Attention Grabbing Articles That Will Jam Your Opt-In Page With Subscribers

May 30, 2008
Did you know that... article marketing is the best way to generate laser targeted traffic to your site but how many time have you really read a good article in your favorite article directory.

Do you know that it takes effort and time to write an article but it takes even more effort to get someone to read that article? Building your opt-in list with subscribers is not just simply writing an article and then submits them to various article directories. If your article is not read by anyone, it is not going to generate you any leads or even traffic. So how can someone write an attention grabbing article that drives non-stop traffic and subscribers to their opt-in site.

1) Create an Attention Grabbing Title: Why did you decide to read this article? Is it because you accidentally click on it or is it because of the title of this article that draws you in. You are already a good example of why you need an attention grabbing title to draw the attention of people who are looking for contents in the article directories. In order to draw the attention of your audience, you must think of an article title that hints at a DESIRABLE RESULTS.

Which one do you think will attract more readers to your article: 'How To Write An Attention Grabbing Article' or 'How To Write An Attention Grabbing Article That Will Jam Your Opt-In Page With Subscribers'. The answer is obvious. This is because your readers are only interested in the results your article can provide. Remember This: Your article must have an attention grabbing title!

2) Think of a way to lead your audience to your DESIRED action: Getting audience to read your article is only the first step of your article marketing campaign. Your ultimate mission is to lead them to your DESIRED action which is to go to your opt-in page and then join your list. There are numerous things that your audience can do after they read your article. Example: Bath their kids, Watch TV, Play computer games or continue to read other people articles. Therefore it is important for you to be able to lead them to do what you want them to do instead of those above mention stuffs. So let us go to the next point of this article to see how you can lead them to your desired action.

3) Create a response producing resource box: This is the most important part of your whole article. What you have written in the earlier page are all for your audience and this resource box is the only thing that you are doing for yourself. You need to be able to setup a resource box that blends with your article and this will almost always get your reader to your desired response. Therefore you must create your resource box in such a way that it triggers the curiosity of your reader to click on the link.

In a nutshell, if you are serious about traffic generation with article marketing. You must remember the 3 main points of article writing stated above.

Now put this into practice and you can see the results for yourself.

Remember this: The key factor to being successful in your internet marketing business lies in your ability to generate traffic to your site. Once you manage to master the skill to traffic generation, you will be able to achieve success in any niche you enter.
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