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5 No BS Ways to Getting Online Sales

May 30, 2008
Here are 5 no BS ways to get more sales coming in. These are proven and simple things you can do right away.

1. Take the time to test your online marketing. You'll save money and headache promoting the right offer to your exact targeted prospect. If the tests aren't drawing the numbers you want, tweak your copy.

Take a look at what the weakness is with the competition, and use it as an angle in to more sales. It will become the reason why people buy your product or service and not theirs.

2. Up the offer. A deal is a great motivator to buy. Many marketers throw in a lot of extras attached to the offer. Show the perceived value of these too. You might give a free trial for a certain period of time. Limited time bonuses or a lower price can quickly push their purchasing decisions. Nothing like a little urgency attached to the deal.

3. Tell your prospects what they can avoid by buying your product or service. Remember the key buying motivators are to avoid pain. So create the emotional image in their minds of the fear or danger of not moving forward right away. Use action words throughout your marketing like, now, and today, click here, right away.

Likewise, letting prospects know what the future will be like if they get your business opportunity or product. Telling them what will happen with their life, how things can be better, sooner rather than later if they buy now.

So far I've mentioned testing your copy, upping the offer, and underlining key motivations for prospects to buy right away from you.

4. Create other marketing like blogs that can draw your initial target audience in to you. Then you can lead your prospects to your core business with links or a banner. Blogs are well worth the time you put into them. You can always hire a blogger inexpensively to post for you to your blog twice a day. Content, as you may know by now, is king on the Internet.

As traffic comes to the blog you might give your visitors a bonus for coming by. Up the offer from the blog site or shave the price down a bit from there. Let them know that if they go to the your core business site, they will notice the offer isn't as juicy for them, or that the price is higher there.

A blog is a good way to help get your message out. Don't make it a sales site though. All of your marketing and copy should be in line with your standards and what you would find valuable if you were looking for your type of product.

5. Consider ezines as a marketing tool with leverage. There are ezines dedicated to more subjects than you will ever know about. Explore the variety available that can be an angle for your business.

Your exact niche market is obvious and worth your attention, but how about breaking the niche down. For example, instead of selling your business opportunity to work at home moms, target it toward realtor's who aren't making the money they're use to. Also consider recent retirees.

It's a good idea to focus your ezine ad or article on info that the targeted readers and ezine publishers want. What does this mean for you? You will get published more often, which means more traffic and sales.
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