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Why EzineArticles is Invaluable for New Internet Marketers

May 30, 2008
Are you interested in using search engines to get more website traffic? If so, you might be tempted to pay hundreds maybe even thousands to a SEO firm to get high rankings for your site. Don't make such a move. Even if a SEO firm is proven to increase Web traffic for their clients sites, you don't want to spend money unnecessarily. Instead, consider using Ezinearticles, one of the best sites for webmasters interested in acquiring free website traffic.

How does Ezinearticles work? Basically, you write articles on topics related to your website. If your topics contain popular keywords, Google will notice your articles very quickly and begin ranking them in its search engine results. The reason this occurs is because Ezinearticles is already ranked very high in Google. In fact, it has a page rank of 6, which means it is consistently getting its own stream of organic website traffic.

Of course, like anything there are two catches you need to look out for when using Ezinearticles to get more website traffic. First, beginning authors are only limited to 10 articles. If these articles are found to be worthwhile, the editors of the site will allow you to attain Platinum status, which means you can submit as many articles as you please. But if your articles are poorly-written, overly stuffed with keywords, or contain any other undesirable elements, you will not be eligible for Platinum status.

The second catch involves the types of sites you can promote. Ezinearticles does not allow for affiliate links, third-level domain names, (which are typically given with free hosting), or URL redirects. This means that any site you promote, along with the domain name must be your own.

Yet, don't let this requirement deter you if you're an avid affiliate marketer. You can still promote your affiliate sites, just as long as you use a legitimate website to do it. One technique could involve using a pre-sales page, where you would introduce your reader to your product. If they're interested, they can click through to the affiliate link. Alternatively, you can consider using a squeeze page. This is when you collect your readers names and email addresses in exchange for some type of incentive, such as a product or an e-book. Through this process you can compile an email list, which you can use for long-term promotion.

So, to get the most out of Ezinearticles, make sure your first 10 articles are very solid and don't forget to link to your own website. Hopefully, if you do things correctly, you'll be promoted to Platinum status, allowing you unlimited potential for free website traffic.
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