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SEO Is Not An Advertising Campaign But An Advertising Process

May 30, 2008
In Singapore, a lot of people still get confused between SEO and PPC advertising. SEO is not an advertising model but a process of consistent tweaking and monitoring to get your website to rank high on organic search engine result page (SERP).

PPC advertising is an advertising model which you can bid for keywords that are relevant to your business and your ads will appear on the Sponsored Area of the SERP. SEO and PPC are 2 very different marketing channels and each of them brings different benefits to your business.

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a process and series of services that best helps when there are quality contents on your website. With the right keyword analysis and optimization process, your website will get indexed by search engines and be awarded high rankings on organic listings for keywords that are related to your products and services.

However, SEO is known for its incapability in estimating the results and the time that it needs before one can see success always make business owners and marketing managers think twice before engaging a SEO agency. Although SEO is slower indeed when it comes to seeing results, it is a marketing channel that a website must have in place. In the long run, SEO is definitely more cost effective when compared to a PPC campaign.

Let us understand that SEO is not an advertising campaign. A company cannot pay money to achieve a high organic SERP ranking for its website. When a site is ranked high on organic SERP for certain keywords, there is no guarantee that it will stay in that position for a period of time. However, PPC advertising is an advertising campaign which a company can pay to have its ads stays on search engines for a period of time. This small difference can clearly define the difference between SEO and PPC.

SEO and PPC can work hand in hand in a search engine marketing campaign. There is a closely knitted relationship between SEO and PPC. One usual practice is to start off with PPC campaign for a new site. As SEO takes time to see results, search engine marketing specialist will usually suggest running a PPC campaign first for major keywords that are relevant to the website. With this, the company can use PPC advertising to bring in targeted traffic as it waits for search engines to index and rank the new site.

So once SEO starts to see results, the company can then change the keywords in its PPC campaign to diversify its reach to other market. The major keywords should now be already optimized and bringing in traffic from organic listings.

PPC brings customers and provides publicity. But the contents and SEO makes the visitors stay and affect the sales. Bear in mind that PPC is an advertising campaign which runs simultaneously with SEO and SEO is the one which makes your website visitors stay and convert into customers.
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Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOM, an online marketing agency providing SEO Singapore services.

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