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How Email Marketing Helps To Convert Your Prospects To Clients

May 30, 2008
Email marketing is such an important marketing channel that all businesses should utilize on it and covert their prospects to lifetime clients. Email marketing is a great way to build rapport with your prospects, as well as building a stronger brand image inside your prospect's minds.

A company which does not leverage on its website and capture its visitors' information such as email addresses and names is going to lose many prospects and sales to its competitors who are already doing so. Business owners must understand that it is very common for website visitors to not enquire or purchase anything during their first visit. Therefore, it is essential to lead your visitors through a sales funnel on your website by enticing them to opt-in to find out more about your products or services. After they have opted-in, you can then conduct follow-ups with them and convert them into your clients.

There are a couple of ways to entice your website visitors to opt into your mailing list. You can provide your visitors with a free report that is related to what they are looking for. To download the report, they need to subscribe to your mailing list first. If your website is a content site which provides latest information of your industry, you can ask them to sign up as free members to receive latest news from you by filling up a registration form with their details.

Once you have set up your opt-in mechanism on your website, you should now plan out the content that you are going to send to your subscribers. The frequency of email sending is something that you should take note of because too many emails will just make your prospects unsubscribe from your list. It is advisable for you to test out the ideal frequency rate by observing the number of people who unsubscribe whenever you broadcast an email.

You should also send free gifts to your subscribers from time to time to build trust and loyalty to your company. Free gifts can come in the forms of free report, coupons, e-books, e-tickets, etc.

With your lists, there are a lot of things that you can do with your subscribers. If you have a new product launch, you can broadcast an email to them and invite them to do an online survey regarding your upcoming new product. Then you can give them first-hand news when your new product is ready for sale.

Email marketing is definitely a great way to keep in contact with your potential clients. Feed them with useful information and build trust, and you should be able to turn them into your loyal clients in the near future.
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