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Moving My Business to Costa Rica

May 30, 2008
For a number of years I have been doing business in Costa Rica. I have established quite a few solid business contacts, a few personal friends and have found this small island country to be ripe for new business. There are many reasons to move a business to another country.

The ease of doing business in countries unencumbered by rigid import and export regulations and tax laws are top reasons. I find that I will need to use corporate relocation services to move the whole company. Employees have been given the choice to stay in the United States or to move with us to Costa Rica. The majority are willing to make the move.

Moving to another country entails quite a bit of organization. Moving an entire business to another country requires knowing quite a bit about it. While I have been doing business there for several years there are still things I will need to learn. I am familiar with the many different climates of this beautiful tropical island. My employees however, are not. The function of a corporate relocation company is assist employees with selling their current home, finding a new home, learning about the area they are moving to and even finding assistance with packing their belongings and moving them.

Before we could physically move the business the tedious process of filling out government paperwork began. Luckily the Costa Rican government does not require as much as our own government. They have simplified their process to make the transition for corporate relocation much smoother. Each business type has different forms to fill out so contacting the Costa Rican government is necessary to ensure that you have filled out the correct paper work. They are friendly and helpful, as are all of the people there, generally speaking.

One of the other decisions we had to make was where we were going to locate our office. The little tropical island has very diverse climates. It is not all tropical beaches. There are rain and cloud forests, temperate areas and mountains. There are an estimated 27 different weather patterns. We chose the central area where the weather is more temperate. And the next step in corporate relocation was completed.

There are many little intricacies to the everyday life and culture of Costa Rica. Before making such a move I had to make sure that all of my employees who are going to make the transition with me were informed of the customs, culture and general laws of the country. It would make little sense for all the work involved in corporate relocation to have my employees unprepared. There are agencies set up within the country that will assist with relocation. It took several months to complete the preliminary work but we were ready to make the physical move. Our new offices had been constructed and furnished. We all had our passports, packed our lives and families and made the move successfully to Costa Rica.
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