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International Auto Transport To Germany

May 30, 2008
If you are immigrating or moving to Germany, whether for work or school, you are probably looking into how to move all of your things to your new home. Among them, taking your automobile can bring a sense of home and comfort in a new country. There are a number of international auto shipping companies that are ready and willing to assist you with your move. They will pick up your car directly from your driveway and take it away to be loaded onto a roll on, roll off ship to deliver it to its destination.

You should keep in mind a few things when using an international auto shipping company to deliver your vehicle to Germany. Make sure you give your original title to the shipper and that your car would pass a DOT inspection. Both are crucial for your car or truck to pass customs. Make sure your fuel tank is less than halfway full and that any car alarm is turned off and disconnected.

Remove any personal items from the vehicle before turning it over for international auto shipping. Be sure to purchase reliable shipping insurance, in case of any accidental damage or theft during transport. If you are leasing a car, have it under loan, or otherwise have a lien on the title, you will need to get the permission of the lender or creditor to ship the vehicle overseas.

You should budget for the tax costs in Germany. There is a 10% tax on the value of the automobile and a 15% tax on the import duties and shipping costs. Collectible and antique cars may be subject to an additional 7% tax. These taxes would be paid through the international auto shipping company and handled by it. However, as the owner, you will need to speak with German customs and pay any applicable duties.

Germany is open to international auto shipping and most vehicles will have about the same duties and taxes due. For extended stays in Germany over twelve months, you will be required to obtain a German driver's license and vehicles produced in the United States will pay an additional fee upon registration and a lessor additional fee in subsequent registration renewals.

Much like Canada, in Germany, the drivers keep to the right-hand side of road, measure distance in kilometers (km), and figure speed by kilometers per hour (kpm or km/hr). While Germany is famous for its lax attitude towards driving speed, unsafe or reckless drivers are treated harshly, ensuring safe and fast roads.

When your car arrives in Germany, you should receive a call from your international shipper to let you that your vehicle has arrived. You should also receive, or be able to pick up, paperwork that includes photos of the vehicle, dock receipts and tax receipts. You may also receive an additional confirmation number and/or a warehouse ticket for receiving your car. Automobile shipping is highly competitive and professional business, and your shipper will do everything they can to ensure an uneventful delivery and transaction.
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