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Email Marketing For New Businesses

May 30, 2008
Email marketing software is a vital tool in the arsenal of many existing business. However when you're starting a new business, there are so many items and considerations to remember that it's easy to let such an important function slip through the cracks. That can be a costly mistake for many startups.

Successful businesses know that the quicker you start taking advantage of email marketing software to promote your business and stay in touch with your customers, the better your results will be in the long-run. While you may already have a large to-do list before getting your business operating, here are some of the reasons why starting to use an email marketing program should be one of your key items:

- When you go live, you'll want to make an impact.
You've been working hard on setting up your new company and ironing out the details for a long time. Now it's show time: time to let the world know about your new business. Top marketers know that an effective launch is a key element to a new business' long-term success. A new business launch is interesting news to your companys' industry and the community around you. You may not have the opportunity to offer these people such interesting news for a long time, so you have to take advantage of this key situation.

In order to make the biggest bang with your launch, you'll want to spread the news to the maximum number of people. It's important to start early: start collecting the names and email addresses or your friends, family, business community, potential leads and industry colleagues. Every time you make an important contact, ask them if it's ok to add them to your email list. This way, by the time you launch, you'll have a good list of people who are interested in your company.

Most email marketing software programs will also allow you to include a 'forward to a friend' link in your emails, so when you're sending out your launch announcement to friends and family, you can encourage them to lend you a helping hand by passing on the news to everyone they know. A very good way to encourage this is to include a special launch offer, such as an e-coupon or discount. Email marketing software templates will characteristically include room for such offers, so including them in your email will be as quick and easy as point and click.

- When you launch, you'll probably be running on a tight budget
Launching a new business is always a costly undertaking. In the past, marketing your new company took up a large portion of those costs. With email marketing software, you can send professional, eye-catching email announcements without breaking the bank.

You may already be investing big dollars in print, television, or other ads, or you may be running on a tight budget, like the vast majority of new business startups. In either case, email marketing will provide you with a cost effective alternative (or complement) to getting the word out to as many people as possible.

- You'll be busy enough with so many other things; you'll want a marketing tool that's quick and effective
It's no secret that launching a new company is a long and laborious process. The last thing you'd want is a marketing tool that makes the experience even tougher. That's why email marketing software is such a great and effective tool for a new business owner. It's easy-to-use, so you don't need any professional experience or technical background. The best email marketing software programs are all point and click, and are designed to make email marketing a quick task in your busy day. Within minutes, you can create an effective and professional email marketing campaign to send out to your contacts. After you send it, it takes only seconds to see your campaign results in real-time.

Email marketing software is a tool made for today's busy business generation. And if you want your new company to succeed in today's landscape, starting to use an email marketing software should be a key item on your startup to-do list.
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