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Wholesale Video Games Business Or Full Time Job?

May 30, 2008
It is not wholesale video games business talk or harsh reality, it is written realities. Are you able to read what you need to read instead of what you want to read these interesting days? Supposing that you have said yes, I would like to remind you of some truth and facts.

How many times do you go to your local grocery, to the gym, to a get together friendly reunion, to your job and even perhaps your best friends all telling you or reminding you by present situation on how bad things are, everything is going bad, we are on a crisis, economy will not recover, Joaquin, I am only getting paid this and this amount of money man and I have two little kids to feed, stress levels are going through the roof, should get a second and even a third job? Thoughts?

The primary problems are not in a great percentage, you! The given issue you are most likely having for not performing a progress is the system you have been thought that was right. Picture this very clear mind viewpoint.

Going back in your timeframe, a very likely probably not presented in your wholesale video games business regular discussion but here we go. You go to school, you probably end up graduating from college if you were lucky enough, then you get a full time job, find the best person with similar values and gather enough chemistry to say I do, you get yourself in debt thanks to the opportunity you have accepted as a full time employee and then you work happily ever after for 40-60 hours a week, every single week.

What happens when the economy hits recession, what happens when companies start eliminating personal one by one due to economic reasons, what happens if you get tired of working, bored or have hit a plateau, most important of all, what happens if you can no longer work anymore do to the numerous reasons available in many present day to day scenarios?

Please do not answer that for me now, I believe I know the exact answer. But what I believe you may be going thru and the problem you have been having, no matter how lucky you and I might both be, does not matter.

Social conditioning teaches every single one of us that this evolution is reasonable. More importantly, that anything outside this circle is risky, stupid and even crazy! Trust me, I was thought to think the same, I love my teachers to death! It was incredibly hard to demonstrate, especially for establishing home based business on the Internet when there were huge plans, now it turns out I was always correct!

Those who have established themselves firmly will be ok. Those who belong in the middle class will grow fungus in their wallet and those in lower levels will have bigger arising problems. The economy goes up; the economy goes down and vice versa.

It is your responsibility to protect those who you love most. Be it with a new wholesale merchandise business, a starting unconventional creative business, it doesn't matter - you will only be responsible as the head in your family. Nobody else will be responsible for you and your love ones.

I know one thing is for sure. Those who discover the secret, the secret of change! The secret to attract even more or better will make it. It all starts with a decision, an uncomfortable one that needs courage.

Be it for the wholesale video games business, DVD, electronics or even furniture business. Make sure to make a smart decision without desperation and think about the right move for your future. Crazy and uncomfortable, yes I surely do know! But if it is an uncomfortable decision, it might be the right one to change.
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