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Discover The Accurate Mindset To Make Money On The Internet

May 30, 2008
I have four wonderful sons who have all graduated from college. As in most typical families each son has chosen completely different careers for themselves.

One son is a high achiever who works twelve hours a day and on the weekends. He seemed nervous and unhappy. When I asked why he was working like this, he explained he had a lot of pressure to show the capabilities of those under him and of himself.

His entire motivation was to do as well as, or better than his counter-part. It was like he was running a race and this race was taking over his life. It now had become to define his work life and personal life and his self-worth according to this job.

His friends were married and had children, which he desperately desired. His aspirations had stopped him from being himself. Those around him could see it. His depression worsened. As a family we decided it was time for a talk to help him make a mind-shift.

There is no way this can be forced upon any one. However, with solid and open conversation, a series of questions can be tossed around to help examine what is taking place and what changes can be made.

With our son we started with position questions to prove to him that he had a lot going. He knew so much and had much to offer in multiple areas. After sometime he was able to experience a complete mind-shift in his thinking.

To make money on the Internet, you also need the correct mindset. If you have experienced some negative times or tried to be someone you were not, here are some suggestions to help get you back on track.

Think about what you really know and love to talk about. It will flow and show passion. Others will feel it and desire your expertise you have gathered. Remember being different is good; use it wisely to set yourself apart.

Don't just think about the positive experiences but some of the hard ones too. In the most painful times of life we discover purpose and learn lessons that shape strong mindsets. What problems have you had and solved? What have you achieved?

With a correct mindset you can give expert advice to others because you lived it and it will show. Don't try to change your personality, just be you. You will be appreciated and trusted for your honesty.

The accurate mindset of make money on the Internet is possible for anyone. If you're focusing upon what you don't have, you'll lose sight of the very thing that would help you make that mark.
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