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Working at Home Making Money on eBay for Work at Home Moms

May 30, 2008
Often, the income they earn working at home making money on eBay exceeds what their offline paycheck would be if they had to place their children in an expensive daycare facility. Plus, work at home moms have the added peace of mind knowing their kids are in good hands - their own!

Working at home making money on eBay as a work at home mom doesn't mean you just clean out your closets and sell the same items that you'd place outdoors for a weekend garage sale. It's a bona fide business opportunity that can help you create a multi-million dollar empire, if your goals and dreams take you that far.

If you truly want to catch a break working at home making money on eBay as a work at home mom, then you want to map out a business plan and then get started with your own virtual store on this giant auction site. It's a good idea to find a proven, successful system to follow, this will increase your chances for success, and also cut your leaning curve down dramatically.

You may be able to start with a few items already in your possession, but then you want to branch out and sell multiple quantities of the same items by using wholesalers or distributors who can help you amass a stockpile of goods to sell while you're working at home making money on eBay as a work at home mom.

When deciding what to sell on eBay, make sure you are researching your target market. It makes more sense to find what the people are searching for, then find a product to sell. When you find the high search counts, and low competition, it's easy to make money on eBay because the people are coming to purchase, credit card in hand.

Unfortunately, many people are operating from a small apartment and don't have the space to carry a large inventory. If this is your situation, then you might want to consider using a third party dropshipper. This way, you can market goods on eBay but the dropshipper will deliver the items to your customers directly, without you having to stock or ship a single thing!

The beauty of a dropshipper is when they package and ship to your customers, it has your company name on it, so it looks like it came directly from you. A legitimate dropshipper will never ask you to pay to join. If they are asking for money upfront, chances are they are not the actual dropshipper, but rather a middle man in the process taking their cut. One of the best dropship locaters is - World Wide Brands. They have a rock solid reputation, and have been around for a while.

Some parents have come to realize that working at home making money on eBay as a work at home mom is highly lucrative, resulting in both mom and dad quitting their 9-5 jobs to focus on their eBay pursuits full time. This doesn't happen overnight, so be patient and focus on your business plan of action. Constant learning and daily consistent action are the main keys to success.

As your business grows from a spring cleaning bonanza to a one-stop-shop market on the net, you'll want to invest in better tools that help you organize and manage your growth as you transition from a work at home mom making money on eBay for a living to a global corporation with unlimited earning potential.
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Ron Richardson is an online entrepreneur and consultant.
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