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What Fun Is Getting Rich If You're Still Fat?! 5 Weight-Loss Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

May 31, 2008
Yes, the title of this article is pretty bold. But I was once there myself . . . and I've helped others in the same situation- so I know that it's the honest truth!

The facts are clear: Carrying extra weight places a BIG, DARK CLOUD over any monetary and business success that you're working so hard to achieve.

Sure, you can plan a week-long, luxurious Mediterranean cruise... but you can't fit into that skinny bathing suit!

Yes, you can eat at a 5-star restaurant . . . but you're embarrassed that everyone is staring at the "fat person", thinking that you'd be better off with a salad!

"Why am I so diligent with business, but I can't control my eating?"

Overweight entrepreneurs often:

1. Use food as a stress-reliever

2. Become over hungry at night, because they don't have time to eat during the day

3. Snack "mindlessly" while on the computer

4. Use food as a reward for their work accomplishments

So what's the answer? After all, what small business owner has time or energy to devote to weight-loss?

You'll start saving calories and dropping extra weight immediately by implementing a few simple snack-busting strategies, and by avoiding the 5 most common mistakes you're making every time you eat.

First, here are 5 of my most effective snack-busting tips:

1. Do you work at home, where you're surrounded by tempting snacks? Constantly depriving yourself of food will leave you over-indulging in the end. Instead, allow yourself a guilt-free snack, such as 3 cups of air-popped popcorn, topped with your favorite spice blend. (High in volume, low in calorie and low in fat.)

2. Don't let the idea of "you shouldn't eat while in front of the computer" STOP you from eating lunch. You're better off eating while you work- preventing yourself from becoming too hungry at night- than not eating at all.

3. Do long days in the car leave you stopping for fast food? Each evening, fill a cold bag with 2 apples, a bag of almonds, a drinkable yogurt and 2 hard boiled eggs. Grab your cold bag on your way out the door, so you're prepared with low-cal choices.

4. Save lots of calories by sipping a low-fat version of your favorite hot or cold Starbucks drink. "Nursing" a drink will last you longer than the 5 seconds it takes to engulf a cookie, and the liquid will be satisfying.

5. Especially if you work from home, keep fattening treats out of the house!

Next, STOP making these mistakes!

Even the most health-conscious entrepreneurs are making mistakes every time they eat, that are leaving them hungry and that are making their weight problems worse. To summarize the information, I've written a FREE report, called "The 5 Mistakes You're Making Every Time You Eat!". If you want to wake up saying "I love being rich!", instead of, "Gross, I'm still fat!!!", then click here, or click on the link in the last paragraph, to get my free report immediately: http://www.thedigestiondoctor.com/smartsnacks.

You're welcome to reprint this article online as long as it remains complete and unaltered (including the resource box at the end.)

2008 Dr. Jennifer Honor
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Weight-Loss and Eating Behavior Expert Dr. Jennifer Honor helps entrepreneurs lose weight fast and for good. Get her new report, "The 5 Mistakes You're Making Every Time You Eat!" right now by clicking this link: thedigestiondoctor.com/smartsnacks.
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