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How An Advice Column Can Get You More Readers

May 31, 2008
If you want to know how an advice column can get you more readers, here are several ways having a Q and A portion running on your website can transform first-time visitors into loyal readers.

You Learn More about Your Target Market

The people who are seeking for your advice are more often than not a part of your target market. With an advice column set up, you get to know more about what issues or concerns your target market are involved with. In time, you'll realize that the data you derive from your advice columns can also be implemented in formulating marketing strategies.

With the help of advice columns, you learn more effective techniques in attracting your target market to your website and turning them into loyal readers.

They Learn More about Your Common Interests

Sharing of knowledge in advice columns goes two ways. Earlier on, we've discussed how you get information from advice columns and how you can use it to build a loyal readership base. This time, you can see how the knowledge you impart can also create loyal readers on its own.

Let's say you have an advice column on your dog care website. Through the advice column, visitors had been able to learn a lot of tips and tricks in caring for their canine companions. Once they realize they can expect a constant flow of valuable information from your website, information that's usually directly relevant to them because they're being asked by people almost exactly like them, they'll definitely develop a habit of reading your advice column every time a new question is posted.

Interaction Increases in Your Website

Advice columns don't have to be a two-way street with your visitors asking advice, and you providing it. By allowing other people to comment, you can also have them give their own two cents as well. In time, a high-spirited but well-meaning debate may even ensue, making your website more popular and attractive to your target market.

With advice columns, you're also giving your readers their chance to shine. Advice columns don't always have to revolve around your expertise. In fact, your readers will appreciate it more if you acknowledge valuable suggestions from your readers from time to time.

Of course, the trick in getting more interaction from advice columns is by knowing which question to publish, encouraging readers to comment and give their own advice, and lastly, asking a question yourself once in a while.

You Please Your Readers

Most readers feel it's an honor when you choose to publish their question. You please your readers all the more if you share a bit of information about his background and display his website address. Other people are sure to hanker for the same privilege, leading them to come back to your website over and over in hopes of having their questions published next.

Having an advice column also pleases your readers because you're showing that you care enough about their needs. Once they see that you do answer their questions as informatively as you can, they're sure to become loyal readers themselves simply because they're hoping you'll get to help them with their own problems next.

Now that you know how an advice column can get you more readers, the next thing to do is set up one in your website. Don't forget to inform all your subscribers about the newest segment in your website!

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