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Building An Online Empire: An Effort Made Sweet, Brick By Brick

May 31, 2008
Rome wasn't built in a day, and the Internet didn't spring out of a golden egg hatched by a mythical hen. Many of today's innovations are born of people who had innovative ideas, but who did not stop at simply having an idea. They took one brick of capital, another brick of knowledge, perhaps a brick or two of friends and family, and built their empires brick by brick. Building an online empire, with today's technology, may be all the more easy. But with the rest of the people online who want to build their empires and will risk everything in order to get fame, how can you shine?

If you want to build that online empire, you cannot settle for simply having one website full of articles, or a website full of pictures - there are already thousands of sites like that online, and you need to come up with something new and innovative. In other words, you are going to have to be the whole package. An empire is not just one little town or one measly little hamlet where you can get the latest in sword design and armor packaging. So your online empire is not just one little site where you can download a few screensavers a month. Your online empire is going to be the one stop shop for anyone who needs anything in your field.

So if you are starting to build all this up, ask yourself: what do you really want to do, and what are you really good at? Believe it or not, you can make money at something that you are an expert in, and you need only to know what that is. So, can you offer web design, content, graphic design, and web hosting? Then your empire may include a whole package for companies that need their website made. Throw in a video making and editing business, party organizing, and some souvenir making, and you can practically sell your online empire to companies that want someone else to think of their marketing needs.

Can you cook? Do you have friends that you can invite to have a party empire online? Remember, having an online empire does not mean that you have to go it alone. You can take your friends along with you, that friend who makes nice party invitations and can make spiffy menus, that friend who mixes the best drinks and knows all the great bars in town, that friend who can feature events in her magazine, and that friend who can host a party and throw in a band into the bargain. Have a friend to advertise your services online, and that have separate websites for each kind of service that you can offer. That way, you can all link together and offer packages, or have separate packages and still get commissions for jobs that everyone else has. Your empire is alive and kicking!

If you are interested in building an online empire, then you will have to be prepared to not only come up with original ideas, but to carry your ideas through. For more information, talk to web gurus who have already succeeded in building their own empires. Talk to fellow bloggers or to people who are struggling. Join a mailing list that will help you get through the first few months of your struggle to bring your empire to its feet. As you move forward, you will find that you, too, can help people with building their own domains, and you will have a good many stories to tell - not to mention a lot of money to bring to the bank the next time you go there laughing.

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