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The Info To Know About Shipping Companies Until You Find The One For You

May 31, 2008
Shipping your car to another destination is not as difficult as the idea may seem, provided that you are supplied with the correct information from square one.

The selection of your international shipping company is the first and foremost decision you will need to make. You can find a listing in your local yellow pages or online using a search engine. Most agents will give you a free quote so you can make as many enquiries as you need to until you find the one for you. Factors you should take into consideration when making your selection are:

* Do they have good recommendations and track record?
* Can the provide references to confirm this?
* Have they been in the business for a considerable amount of time? Be careful of fly-by-night companies
* Are they reasonably priced?
* Do they offer personalised service?
* Do they guarantee the delivery date? Some companies have a clause written into their terms and conditions that will relieve them of any responsibility to arrive on the proposed delivery date. You could end up waiting an extended period of time over and above what you expected.

You will need to provide your international shipping company with certain information regarding your car and where you plan to ship it. For example:

* You will need to provide original papers for the vehicle to prove ownership
* Make of the car, model and other specifications
* Origin and destination
* Estimated date of departure

All vehicle transporters must carry insurance, but what they actually cover varies from one international shipping company to another. They also may only have insurance secondary to your own, so it is imperative that you check what they are liable for and what you are responsible for. In some cases, if the insurance cover is not sufficient then you can top it up to a more attractive option.

Leaving your car in someone else's hands is a huge test for anybody. But with a highly regarded international shipping company, your worries will be minor. On collection, a pre-shipping inspection of your car will be done and a report will be compiled. This is to ensure that any damage currently existing on the car will not be made the shipping agent's responsibility. It is a good idea to be present when the inspection is done.

More importantly, on receiving your car at its proposed destination, the inspection report will be brought out again and checked against your car for any damage imposed to the vehicle during transit. Make sure that you check your car thoroughly and slowly with the shipping agent present.

Other points to note:

* It is illegal to store anything in your car when it is being transported by an international shipping company
* All alarms and anti theft devices need to be disarmed before your vehicle is loaded
* Any loose items must be secured properly, or completely detached
* The laws regarding shipping of automobiles vary from country to country. It is advisable to confirm with the customs officials of your chosen destination what is required for entry into the country.
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